If you’re planning on playing Payday 3 when the new heist game releases on September 21st, chances are good that you’ve already played the original Payday or, more likely, have played Payday 2. If it’s true that you’ve played the latter, chances are also good that you’ll have some in-game rewards waiting for you whenever you do get to play Payday 3. Developer Starbreeze Entertainment and publisher Deep Silver announced this week that it’s giving free Payday 3 rewards to players who complete certain challenges in Payday 2, and best of all, completion can be retroactive, so lots of players have probably already done what the game’s creators are asking of them.

The challenges in question vary in difficulty with some of them just tasking players with owning Payday 2 on Steam or the Epic Games Store while others ask players to complete in-game tasks like different contracts on the much harder difficulty levels in order to get the rewards. Because the first challenge asks players to own Payday 2 on one of those two platforms, that first part is geared more towards PC players, but since Payday 3 supports cross-progression, all the items you get will transfer between platforms anyway.

The rewards in question are all cosmetic and consists of a mask, suit, and many weapon charms. Those rewards are the OG American Dream Mask, Old Faithful Weapon Preset, Echelon Suit, Very Hard Skull Weapon Charm, Overkill Skull Weapon Charm, Death Wish Skull Weapon Charm, Death Sentence Skull Weapon Charm, One Down Skull Weapon Charm, and the Fleur-de-Lis Gloves.

In order to make sure you’re actually eligible to receive the rewards, you’ll have to follow the instructions here on the Payday site to make sure that your Starbreeze Nebula account is set up so that your achievements can be recognized and the rewards allotted when Payday 3 releases. The site in question does not give a specific time for when these cross-game challenges will come to an end, but it does say that players who don’t have these tasks completed yet will have “plenty of time to work on the challenge before Payday 3 is released next month,” so it’s best to get them done sooner rather than later if there’s something there that you want.

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