Payday 3, while emphasizing the importance of teamwork, offers players the flexibility to embark on heists solo. This solo mode doesn’t compromise the game’s immersion or tone. If you’re looking to navigate the world of Payday 3 on your own, this guide is for you.

How to Play Solo in Payday 3

To play Payday 3 solo is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is set up a Payday 3 private lobby. However, currently, this is not possible for PlayStation 5 users currently (a patch is in the works,) and only PC players can do this.

  1. Navigate to Payday 3’s heist section.
  2. Select the heist you want and choose the difficulty
  3. Click the arrow where it says Lobby Type
  4. Change this from Public to Invite Only.
  5. Invite Only means only players you invite can join your Payday 3 lobby.
  6. If you don’t invite anyone, all players will be filled with AI bots, as there needs to be four players.
    • You cannot start a game with only yourself on the team. You’ll always be partnered with three AI Bots.

What are the Benefits of Solo Play in Payday 3?

Venturing solo allows you to digest the heists and intricacies of Payday 3 heist at a pace you’re comfortable with. This mode is particularly beneficial for understanding the unique dynamics of Payday 3, setting it apart from other first-person shooters.

While AI teammates offer a different challenge compared to actual players, they prepare you for unforeseen challenges. Their sometimes unpredictable actions can be a training ground, making you more adaptable and ready for any situation, whether you’re with AI or real players in the future.

While friends can be allies, they can also act as ‘frienemies. You can’t trust them not to jeopardize a heist because they think it’ll be hilarious. Trying to play stealthily and pulling off the perfect heist will be difficult playing with friends who aren’t serious. With AI, you can do this pretty harm-free.

Can you Play Payday 3 Offline Solo?

Payday 2 Key Art
Image: Starbreeze Entertainment

No, you cannot play Payday 3 Solo while offline. Despite playing alone, you must maintain an internet connection. The developers attribute this online requirement to the game’s use of the Unreal Engine, as well as its support for cross-play and cross-progression. This might be a letdown for many, especially Steam Deck users who were looking forward to engaging in heists on the move. You can view the confirmation at no Payday 3 offline play at 9 minutes and 17 seconds into this Payday 2 Livestream with Almir Listo, Starbreeze’s global brand director.

Can you Play Every Mission Solo in Payday 3?

Yes, you can play all eight missions that Payday 3 has to offer completely solo. It may be trickier and more challenging, having to play through heists with three AI Bots, whose AI is questionable at best, but it’s entirely possible. One thing to consider is that certain objectives may be more challenging with AI bots. They do not excel at stealth at all but are competent at best.

The Season Pass will introduce four more missions to Payday 3, and so far, there’s no indication that any of these missions are exclusively multiplayer. You can check out the Payday 3 Content Roadmap here.

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