Starfield’s Steam Deck debut certainly had a rough start, as multiple players have issued their concerns with its low FPS rate. Fortunately, the modding community is here to save the day thanks to NexusMods user TheHybred’s creation, which finally stabilizes the frame rate and enhances its performance all around.

The SteamDeckHQ has tested out the newest feature, “Steam Deck Essentials,” explaining how the mod allows them to reach a decent performance rate at 30 FPS. The enhancement was made to initiate a smoother experience for the player and deal with several performance issues, including stutter issues, texture compressions, and increasing AVG FPS.

Not only does the mod help with the game’s mechanics, but TheHybred has been quick to install updates for it with a new adjustment that makes Starfield’s display much brighter, as some have noted the game’s hard-to-see layout. There will also be more improvements to come in order to produce a decent performance when traveling in large-scale cities, which can bring its own set of problems with the FPS.

However, those who want to give this mod a try will need to set up CryoUtilities and get their VRAM to 4GB beforehand, given that it can refine your experience even further.

Other than mods, Starfield players have found another resolution within the settings, featuring a pre-set of options with Dynamic Resolution, Shadow Quality, and many more. But, of course, you can always change the selections to get the most suitable outcome for you.

As more players tune into Starfield, there may be a fix from Bethesda that could resolve the issues with the game’s Steam Deck version, but for now, we can rely on the handy work of the brilliant modders.

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