Fans of Bend Studio’s 2019 game Days Gone have been wishing for a sequel for a few years now, and while a sequel seems not to be on the horizon; it’s possible that a film could be. Let’s take a look at what hints seem to have been dropped.

Days Gone Appears in New PlayStation Productions Montage

PlayStation Productions is the company that deals with turning Sony’s video game IPs into full-fledged movies and shows. A new video was recently added which features many beloved PlayStation characters, including the Freaker fighting hero from Farewell, Deacon St. John.

The source comes from an X post by the user RealRadec, who noticed St. John hiding out a little bit further in the back of the video. There were rumors back in 2022 of a Days Gone film being in the works, but these were seemingly unsubstantiated and unconfirmed; but this new revelation could now be adding credence to the rumor.

It would seem that with the success of HBO’s The Last of Us, Sony are planning to have more of their gaming characters incorporated into film and TV adaptations. This would be especially interesting to see with the likes of Days Gone, as it is yet another zombie-oriented game that amassed a loyal following after release.

If a film or TV show based around Days Gone were to be released, it would surely be a rejoicing moment for fans. However, it would also be slightly confusing given that a sequel was never greenlit, despite efforts from the game’s director.

What Happened to a Days Gone Sequel?

Back in May 2023, Jeff Ross took to X (then Twitter) to express his disappointment regarding how the proposed sequel for the Days Gone didn’t get approval.

At the time Sony didn’t seem too keen to turn the game into a franchise, but it seems like that could all change.

Personally, I hope that if a film is in the works, that it will also spark new interest in a sequel. The game ended on a fantastic cliff hanger, and it would be great to explore the story further. It’s hopeful to see Deacon in this new montage, but for now we will have to wait and see if more is announced.

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