The awesome Playdigious has discounted most of its library on iOS and Android for a limited time. This includes some of the best mobile ports in many years, newer titles, classics, and more. The games featured here are also on other platforms, but in the case of titles like Dead Cells, they are second to only the PC version when played on a modern mobile device. Speaking of Dead Cells, it is due to get its last major update in the near future as well. The discounts for Playdigious’ games range from 30-50% off, and the deals are live on both iOS and Android. The recently released Potion Permit is also discounted right now. Watch the trailer for Potion Permit on mobile below:

The complete list of Playdigious’ iOS and Android game deals is below:

These discounts are available from now until March 10th. You can also check out all of Playdigious’ games on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. If you aren’t sure what games to get from the discounted titles, I’d recommend Streets of Rage 4 and Dead Cells for sure. The latter is available on Netflix and Apple Arcade if you have those subscriptions. If you haven’t gotten them yet, what are you planning to buy from this sale?

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