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The Shooting Guard is one of five basketball positions whose primary focus is scoring points, which typically happens from the perimeter areas of the court with three-point and mid-range shots. In addition, Shooting Guards need a decent level of defense, passing, and strength attributes to be successful. With all of that in mind, here is the NBA 2K24 best shooting guard build for you to rock the courts with!

The best Shooting Guard build in NBA 2k24

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This Shooting Guard build will help you score more points, making you a great two-way three-point shot creator. This build makes you effective when shooting at the three-point line and inside the line but outside the key. You’ll also have a decently high level of driving layup, ball handling, speed, stamina, and acceleration. We’ve also included Takeovers for both Next Gen and Current Gen platforms.

Here are the stats you need during the Custom Template screen:

  • Height: 6’6″
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’10”
  • Body Shape: Built

Here are the critical Attributes, broken down by category, for the best Shooting Guard build:

  • Finishing
    • Close Shot 56
    • Driving Layup 76
    • Driving Dunk 25
    • Standing Dunk 25
    • Post Control 25
  • Shooting
    • Mid-Range Shot 77
    • Three-Point Shot 92
    • Free Throw 72
  • Playmaking
    • Pass Accuracy 70
    • Ball Handle 93
    • Speed With Ball 83
  • Defense/Rebounding
    • Interior Defense 34
    • Perimeter Defense 91
    • Steal 87
    • Block 25
    • Offensive Rebound 25
    • Defensive Rebound 47
  • Physical
    • Speed 85
    • Acceleration 85
    • Strength 74
    • Vertical 57
    • Stamina 92

Your platform will determine your choice for Takeovers, but we have provided both:

  • Takeovers (Next Gen)
    • Primary Takeover: Spot-Up Precision
    • Secondary Takeover: Limitless Range
  • Takeovers (Current Gen)
    • Primary Takeover: Spot-Up Shooter
    • Secondary Takeover: Playmaker

This is the best NBA 2K24 Shooting Guard build, but don’t feel like you are locked into it completely. You do have some wiggle room if you feel like experimenting with your Attribute points a bit, but remember it is essential that you keep the key Attributes high enough. Otherwise, you won’t be an effective Shooting Guard. In addition, if you raise or lower your character’s height it will change the build a bit.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing NBA 2K24 on PlayStation 5.

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