Baldur’s Gate 3, since its PC launch on August 3, has been captivating players with it’s wealth of customization options, huge expansive regions to explore and blood-soaked missions to complete. There’s hours and hours of Dungeons and Dragons-esque fun to immerse yourself into. While that’s how most will see it, one player has ignored the sublime for the ridiculous, naming their character in order to set up one line.

On August 8, one Baldur’s Gate 3 player ascended through the subreddit rapidly, all because they gave their in-game character the name Groot.

The beloved Guardians of the Galaxy character, a tree monster brought to life by awesome animation and the voice work of Vin Diesel, is renowned for (largely) only ever saying one line: “I am Groot.” You can probably see where this is going.

At a point during the BG3 narrative, protagonists will be asked by Karlach, “What’s your name?” You can definitely see where this is going.

Players are given a couple of options in response, but only one was ever being picked.

The player joked that they had been “waiting for this line,” with the whole thing a ruse to setup the iconic Marvel cinematic universe saying.

While undeniably trivial and even stupid, fans of Marvel and BG3 appreciated the ridiculousness of the act. One responded: “Fantastic name.” Another said: “You corny b*stard. I’d give you Reddit swag if I cared enough to have it!”

There’s insane amounts of content to work through in BG3, with a playthrough taking up to 150 hours (or more!). Alternatively, you can just name your character something funny in order to set up a ridiculous – and funny – one liner. Each to their own and, if there’s one thing BG3 has proven to this point, it’s that it’s very good at letting players express themselves in-game.

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