The latest update to Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded is coming under the moniker of The Make It and Break It Update and includes the exciting Playgrounds feature. The backyard survival game has grown in popularity among players after spending nearly two years in early access before Grounded was officially released in September 2022.

Since Grounded was unleashed from early access, players have seen regular updates throughout the year. The last update rolled out in September 2023 aimed to address issues surrounding the survival game’s stability when gamers were playing on Xbox Series X/S consoles. The next update is set to bring more changes to how a player interacts with the sandbox in Obsidian’s homage to Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

The Make It and Break It Update for Grounded will allow players to create their own levels dubbed Playgrounds when it releases on November 13. In what is shaping up to be the biggest update since Grounded’s Super Duper Update in April 2023, gamers will have an extensive tool kit at their disposal that features almost all the assets found in the game. Players can utilize these tools to incorporate mini-games, battle arenas, and puzzles into any new playground that they create before sharing it with the wider community.

Director of Grounded, Adam Brennecke, confirmed in an interview with Xbox Wire that the newest toolset doesn’t just include items to build a level. A new suite dubbed ‘Gadgets and Gizmos’ allows players more depth to be creative with their designs as they can use items to trigger events or create challenges based on the sound of enemies. Brennecke also confirmed that the main game will also see some quality-of-life updates, with the Burgle quests now coming with additional challenges and the dandelion glider no longer taking up a precious trinket slot.

Players will no doubt be excited to dive into the latest update as Grounded has been popular since it was released in early access in 2020. Millions of gamers have jumped into the backyard survival game, so it won’t be long until user-generated levels start making their appearance as soon as the Make It And Break It Update releases on November 13.

The developers at Obsidian Entertainment aren’t just focusing on Grounded with the team currently working on its next game Avowed. Set for a release in 2024, the latest RPG from the Microsoft-owned studio is set to take place in the world of Eora from the Pillars of Eternity franchise and be a complete change of pace compared to Grounded.

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