Like any MMO, Lost Ark’s offering of content is only getting larger. Of course, it isn’t anywhere near the level of something like World of Warcraft yet, but it has become a chunky experience, especially because of all of its daily content. To that end, the developers at Smilegate have been working with the community to try and sand down some of the edges that are keeping both new and returning players from jumping into Lost Ark. Starting in September, Smilegate is introducing something it is calling “Jump-Start servers,” which will let them quickly move through the ranks.

These Jump-Start servers in Lost Ark essentially give players a pass that brings their Item Level to 1415 out of the gate. From there, the progression on these servers should be much quicker across the server. Of course, because the progression curve isn’t as steep, these servers will have an independent marketplace and auction house, as well as independent matchmaking and party finder. The plan behind this is to get players into the thick of things much faster, which should help out with some of the issues Lost Ark has been facing with new and returning players.

Of course, that’s not all that’s coming with the September update. One thing that’s coming is Yoz’s Jar which is a new way for players to re-roll the cosmetics they get to hopefully get something they like. Players won’t be able to re-roll every skin though, so it’ll be important to check out which ones are available when the update goes live next month. Lost Ark is also planning to introduce a Battle Royale mode next month and drop a new Ark pass. That said, the update is still a month away, so things could change moving forward.

Either way, the focus of the update will be trying to find good ways to bring in new players. It’s impossible to predict if these new servers will do that, but it certainly seems like a solid step for Lost Ark. Smilegate will need to also provide compelling, new content, which it’s looking to do through further monthly updates throughout the rest of the year.

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