Just a week since its launch, fans of Lords of the Fallen can look forward to its latest update. Hexwork’s 1.010 patch for the action role-playing game aims to tackle performance issues across all platforms. Moreover, it also brings boss changes that could make the game harder.

Soulslike games are famous for their extraordinary difficulty. You must always plan your next move carefully when trudging through level after level. Lords of the Fallen is a reboot of the original 2014 game with the same name. It joins some of the latest entries to the Souslike genre, such as Lies of P.

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Lords of the Fallen Update Today: Some Bosses Are Now More Difficult

Hexworks has updated Lords of the Fallen and increased the difficulty of two bosses. The first boss is the Spurned Progeny—a mid-game boss located in the Upper Calrath. This time, he’ll keep performing his combo attacks no matter what you do. The next boss patched is the optional trio of secret bosses. They’re located in the arena within the Umbral Realm. Based on the patch notes, the trio of bosses are now more dangerous than ever; they can no longer be trapped in the column in the arena and can now move around the area better.

Not all bosses got a power boost, though, as some received nerfs. Nerfs were also introduced to several enemies in Lords of the Fallen. For starters, Scarlet Shadows and the zombified enemies have had their damage decreased. Specifically, Charred Spirits got an additional damage reduction amongst the other walking corpses.

Lords of the Fallen Patch Notes Adds Gameplay Improvements

Besides buffs and nerfs to some enemies in the game, the patch mainly focused on balancing and adjusting certain UIs and gameplay mechanics.

Sentry Reporting Tool Issues Fixed

PvP and PvE Adjustments

After observing numerous PvP and PvE matches and hearing from the community, the developers have identified matchmaking timing issues that often result in “can’t connect” messages. Matchmaking in Lords of the Fallen has also been causing a lot of rubber banding. Hexworks has made several adjustments in response—particularly to the rules for player matchmaking. After observing numerous PvE and PvE matches and hearing from the community, the developers have identified matchmaking timing issues that often results in can’t connect messages.

Starting now, players who have good ping will be prioritized. Instead of having almost instant connections with other players, it’ll now take you a few minutes. In exchange, you’ll have a better ping connection with your opponent.

Other changes made for multiplayer include the following:

Furthermore, there are plans to introduce crossplay to Lords of the Fallen once the devs have gathered enough data to ensure stability. To be fair, USA also subsidizes their domestic auto industry, manufacturing gets big subsidies grants and tax breaks and the consumer facing 7500 tax credit is just another susbsidy.

Balancing Updates

We’ve got a fair bit of balancing done to the game, including runes.


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