Now that Bethesda is releasing a game in the modern age with its modern wonders and past modern setting, it brings along a question that comes with the times. Will we be able to play their upcoming sci-fi entry, Starfield, on the Steam Deck? Skyrim before it certainly works on the Steam Deck, so what about the new release? Is Starfield on the Steam Deck?

Starfield’s future on the Steam Deck

As of the time of writing this, no, it’s not in any way officially on or ready for the Steam Deck. There has been no word of any official release on the Steam Deck. At most we’ve got only maybes or possibilities for the future. But there has been no announcement this close to the actual release of Starfield. It’s very unlikely the game is going to be all fine and ready to be played on Steam Deck at release.

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However, that doesn’t necessarily mean hope is lost. In its current form it’ll be released in it may not be completely unplayable on the Steam Deck outright. It is a massive game with system requirements that are not optimal for the Steam Deck. However, you might still be able to get it to work in theory. Will it play optimally? Probably not. It may not play well at all to the point it is not even worth playing on Steam Deck. That might even be why it has no official Steam Deck release at all and no concrete word of one in the future. Starfield may just very well be too big and powerful of a game for the processing power of the Steam Deck.

A potential future Switch version release is very telling. If it can run on that, perhaps there is hope for a future Steam Deck release.

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