Now since MW3 betas are commencing, all the modes both new and classic are being played. Fans of the older games can find a home here, and players who haven’t experienced the massive shooter can for the first time. From my time from the Early Access on the PlayStation 5 last weekend, it seems like everything from the original game is making its way over. Modes such as Kill Confirmed and maps like the iconic Rust were playable during the weekend. There’s a classic mode that has been missing, if you guess Search and Destroy, you’d be right. For the following weekend, the beta is opening up to other platforms and raising the level cap. However, many players are wondering if the mode will be present. To find out if Search and Destroy game mode is in MW3, we got the answer. 

MW3: When will Search and Destroy game mode be available?

While the game mode is available, you won’t be able to play it right away. Activision has outlined details for the open beta weekend which started on October 12th. Since the beta runs through the weekend, the modes will be cycled in and out. If you got into Early Access which starts on the 12th, Search and Destroy won’t be available. The modes that you’ll be playing on the first day of the beta of MW3 are Kill Confirmed, Domination, Hardpoint, and Team Deathmatch. You can still have fun before the mode drops. Check out these guns to use in any of the modes, you might come on top.

Find out if your hard work carries over to the full game of MW3

Search and Destroy should be available to play when the beta opens up for everyone else. Meaning, you might have to wait till October 14th. This is what happened during the last couple of days of the last beta when it opened up to all PlayStation owners. For further confirmation, Activision has made it clear on their update page that Search and Destroy will make an appearance. The good news is that you may play this mode for three whole days, so get in as much as you can. 

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