Is Battlenet down? If you’re settling in to play a few rounds of Hearthstone, but are unable to launch the game, or even the client, there’s a decent chance that Battlenet itself is experiencing an issue. With the majority of games being ‘always online’ these days, we are at the mercy of the game client, and if they’re having issues, we are too.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to hunt for loot in a Diablo 4 dungeon, or you want to group up with your friends and take down an entire Warzone 2 server, if Bnet is down, you’re out of luck. Turns out that our greatest foe was technical issues all along. If you can gain access to Battlenet, but things are moving very slowly, it’s worth checking out how to speed up your Battlenet downloads, so you can get back into the action as quickly as possible.

An information box shows that Battlenet is down

Is Battlenet down?

Battlenet is currently experiencing issues, with players unable to log into their accounts. Because of this, you will not be able to play anything, and may find yourself disconnecting from a game in progress.

If Battlenet is currently up and running completely fine, but you’re still unable to access your favorite games, it could be an issue with them specifically or something on your end. Always ensure you’re checking the individual game pages like our Diablo 4 down guide, and finally, ensure that your internet connection is working as intended, with a quick restart usually being the simplest solution to most issues.

Now that you know whether Battlenet is down or not, it’s up to you what you do next. If you can’t play Overwatch with your friends, it might be time to boot up some of the best offline games or try some of the best single-player games ever.

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