An Intel Lunar Lake engineering sample CPU has been spotted running Windows. That’s hardly surprising during the development phase of any CPU, but this one is made more interesting given the screenshot reveals some key specifications regarding its cache configuration and Hyperthreading (or lack thereof).

The leak comes courtesy of XZiar, (via @9550pro and Tom’s Hardware). It shows a screenshot of the Windows Task Manager featuring some specifications of a Lunar Lake A1 engineering sample. The tested CPU has eight cores and eight threads, meaning Hyperthreading is not present. It’s believed the core configuration consists of four P-cores and four E-cores.

(Image credit: Xziar/Zhihu)

Its base clock is 1.8GHz while its boost clock is 2.8GHz. There’s nothing unusual about that as the purpose of early engineering samples is for testing basic functionality, compatibility and debugging rather than performance. What’s really interesting however, is its cache configuration.

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