EVO 2023 just wrapped up in Las Vegas. This mega-sized fighting event has become the home of top-tier tournaments for games such as Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Tekken 7, and, of course, Street Fighter 6. It’s also the place to go if you’re a fightstick aficionado, as competitors swarm to the event with their own hardware in-hand.

One particular custom fightstick caught my eye over on X (still doesn’t sound right, does it?). The owner of the flightstick remains a mystery, though their creation was snapped by ChaseTantVO and posted online.

An EVO 2023 attendee with a massively oversized fightstick.

(Image credit: ChaseTantVO)

Even better, they were snapped by RamEsRock in line with the fightstick strapped to their back like a bouldering mat.

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