Blox Fruits recently released Update 20, and with it came a barrage of new content. One of the new items in the game is the rare Shark Tooth Necklace accessory. It’s buffing powers can fit around any build, and looks awesome, making it very desirable for many players. Here is how to craft the Shark Tooth Necklace in Blox Fruits.

Getting the materials for the Shark Tooth Necklace in Blox Fruits

The Shark Tooth Necklace requires some effort to get, but it should be manageable. It provides a buff that’ll be worth all the struggle you’ll go through to get it. Below are all the ingredients needed to craft it:

  • 1 Mutant Tooth
  • 5 Shark Teeth

The Mutant Tooth is a chanced drop from a Terror Shark, which can spawn in the Danger Levels of 2+. The higher the Danger Level, the stronger the enemies, so for the sake of ease, just hang around the 2nd or 3rd Danger Level. One will soon spawn, and you can take it out and hopefully get your hands on a Mutant Tooth.

Shark Tooth Necklace In Blox Fruits
Image via Gamer Robot Inc

The Magma Fruit, Mammoth Fruit, and even Dragon Fruit are great ones to use to farm Terror Sharks if you have them, but they can get taken down with any Fruit.

The Shark Teeth drop from Sharks as an uncommon material. They spawn in Danger Levels of 1 – 3. Again, for the sake of ease, hang around the lowest Danger Level you can to take the Sharks out easier. They won’t drop every time, so you’ll have to do a lot of sailing and killing.

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Crafting the Shark Tooth Necklace in Blox Fruits

Once you have all the materials, head on over to the SharK Hunter on Tiki Outpost in the Second Sea. This guy will help you craft the Shark Tooth Necklace. Once you’ve got it, you can simply equip it like any other accessory!

The Shark Tooth Necklace will increase your speed by 50%, will give you +10 dash distance, and will buff your damage by +25% when fighting enemies from Sea Events. This accessory is a great addition to all builds who are farming Sea Events for materials and levels, so you may want to craft this as so as you can.

I hope this has helped you in you quest to be the strongest in the Blox Fruits seas. If you’d like more help, don’t hesitate to sail on over to PC Invasion.

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