Elemental Dungeons is an action-packed Roblox game that lets you battle bosses, collect mythical loot, and summon powerful elements. One of the most important resources in the game is Gems, which are essential for summoning elements. This guide will walk you through all the ways you can acquire Gems in Elemental Dungeons.

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Elemental Dungeons Gems – How to Get

Gems are the lifeblood for summoning your units in Elemental Dungeons. There are several methods to acquire these precious gems; these include completing Daily/Weekly Quests, purchasing them with Robux, daily login, finding chests, going AFK, codes, and Infinite Mode.

Daily/Weekly Quests in Elemental Dungeons

Elemental Dungeons Daily Quests Gems
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Completing daily and weekly quests is one of the most straightforward ways to earn Gems. Daily quests are relatively simple and quick to complete, while weekly quests may require a bit more time and effort. Special quests are not recommended for Gem farming.

Purchasing Gems with Robux in Elemental Dungeons

Elemental Dungeons Buying Robux Gems
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If you’re looking to quickly amass a large number of Gems in Elemental Dungeons, you can purchase them using Robux. There are five different Gem bundles available:

  • Mini: 80 Robux for 50 Gems
  • Small: 250 Robux for 250 Gems
  • Medium: 400 Robux for 475 Gems
  • Large: 800 Robux for 925 Gems
  • Huge: 1,600 Robux for 2,000 Gems

Daily Login in Elemental Dungeons

Elemental Dungeons Daily Login Gems
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Logging into Elemental Dungeons daily rewards you with a steadily increasing number of Gems. Starting with 50 Gems on Day 1, the amount increases to 150 Gems on Day 2 and 220 Gems on Day 7. Remember, you can claim these rewards every 24 hours.

Finding Chests in Elemental Dungeons

Hidden chests scattered around the Elemental Dungeons lobby that contain Gems. Each chest typically holds around 15/30 Gems.

AFK Area in Elemental Dungeons

Elemental Dungeons AFK Place
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In the main lobby for Elemental Dungeons, you can find an AFK (Away From Keyboard) area. By stepping into this area, you’ll be asked to be teleported to the AFK place. If you click the green teleport button, you’ll be set to AFK mode, where you’ll earn free Gems every five minutes. If you are a VIP, you get x2 Gems, and Premium gets 1.5x. As a free player, I got 5 Gems for five minutes. it’s not the highest, but if you know you’re going to be busy, you can get 60 Gems an hour or more if you are VIP or Premium.

Finding P2W Bill in Elemental Dungeons

Elemental Dungeons P2W Billjpg
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P2W (Pay-to-Win) Bill is an NPC that offers a special quest that rewards you with Gems upon completion.

Using Codes in Elemental Dungeons

A great way to get Gems for free in Elemental Dungeons is by redeeming codes, as these often give you free Gems. Keep an eye on our Elemental Dungeons Codes page to stay updated and claim your free rewards.

Infinite Mode

In Infinite Mode dungeons within the game, you have the opportunity to rack up gems as you battle through waves of enemies. Specifically, for every 15 waves you successfully survive, you’ll be rewarded with gems. The key here is endurance; the longer you can hold out against the onslaught, the more gems you’ll be able to collect.

If you know of any other methods to get Gems in Elemental Dungeons, please let us know!

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