Wondering How To Get Electronic Parts In Sunkenland? Look no further as in this guide we outline all you need to know about the Electronic Parts. Discover where to find the Electronic Parts and where to utilize them in the game!

Sunkenland is an up-and-coming co-op survival game. Dive into this submerged post-apocalyptic open world, where you explore the depths of the water which has absorbed the majority of Earth, leaving only small pockets of solid ground. Discover ancient and historic structures, find resources to build your base, craft armour, and weapons, but above all else, survive!

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How To Get Electronic Parts In Sunkenland

Let’s get into the guide and scavenge some insight!

What Are Electronic Parts?

Electronic Parts are a useful resource within the game, mainly used to create items such as the Battery Charger, Small Generators, and the Recycler, among other crafted resources. Any of your electronics, whether they’re for survival or cosmetics will likely require Electronic Parts to function. So it’s definitely worth locating them if your aim is long-term survival!

Where Are Electronic Parts?

Electronic Parts cannot be crafted and must be scavenged. Dive into the depths to seek these useful bits of kit to bring back a feel of the modern day at your apocalypse base. They can be found near power polls around the world, as well as being looted from power boxes. Oddly enough, you can also find Electronic Parts in the big green dumpsters. The Trader near the Castaway Island may also carry Electronic Parts.

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