If you want to know how to beat the Elemental Dungeons Halloween Dungeon then you’ve found the right guide! This limited-time event offers unique rewards that will only be available during this event. With only 14 days to complete the Halloween challenges, we have the full how-to guide including the rewards!

Elemental Dungeons is an action-packed adventure game that revolves around battling against bosses, exploring dungeons filled to the brim with enemies, and a wide range of elemental abilities to wield in combat. Work through a variety of quests to earn Gems, which can then be used to roll for brand-new magical powers!

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Elemental Dungeons Halloween Dungeon


Abandoned Castle

The abandoned castle puts you up against a bunch of Halloween-themed fiends. These terrors are not too different from the usual foes you face during crawls in terms of level progression, including facing mini-bosses along the way.

We recommend using a powerful element to tackle this dungeon as well as a party of friends. This raid tower consists of 21 total floors and is of Hardcore difficulty. That said, this dungeon allows entry from level 1+, hence why we recommend a party. Especially if you’re not a seasoned player.

The dungeon offers an XP Multiplier of 1x, and Loot Luck of 1x. The dungeon element is the very fitting Phantom, meaning it is weak to Water and Ice elements. That said, if you’re powerful enough, you can likely get away with using your preferred trained element.

Elements We Recommend

These are the elements we think you should consider using within this dungeon.

  • Water [Effective edge]
  • Ice [Effective edge]
  • Reaper [S-Tier Element]
  • Angel [S-Tier Element]


Now onto the fun stuff! By completing the dungeon crawl you can gain:

  • 1500 Candy (Currency)
  • 250 Gems
  • The Fearless title
  • Halloween Wings [Cosmetic]

It doesn’t end there! Over in the main spawn lobby, there is a Jack-O-Lantern next to the summons. He offers a bunch of themed loot from the Halloween event which you can exchange candy for to obtain.

Me next to the Halloween event

Halloween Event Shop

When you interact with him you will notice four different pop-up shops. Mystery Case, Event Pass, Event Shop, and New Dungeon. We already covered the New Dungeon, so let’s quickly discuss the others.

Mystery Case

The Mystery Case allows you to roll for exclusive skins which are only available during this event. It costs Robux to roll for the skins and everything within this pick-n-mix is a cosmetic.


Event Pass

The Event Pass is a temporary pass that boosts your rewards while playing the game. You can unlock different themed rewards depending on what level you are which includes Candy, Gold, Gems, and plenty more! A Stat Refund is the final reward at level 35. You can level up the Event Pass by collecting Candy!


Event Shop

The Event Shop offers some of the most sought-after rewards from this entire event! This merchant shop refreshes hourly and is where you can cash in the hard-earned Candies. Different elements and consumables are sold here, and you can also collect some Candy and Gems free every hour. The best reward available here is the Limited Time Phantom Element, which costs 25,000 Candy. Once this event is over, this element may never be obtainable again!


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