The Necromancer boss is the toughest foe you’ve faced in Sea of Stars so far. As you may expect from a Necromancer, Romaya summons minions to tip the scales in her favor during the fight. You’re outnumbered and outgunned, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This battle is a harsh lesson in crowd control. If you’re struggling, let me show you how to beat Romaya, the Necromancer in Sea of Stars.

How to beat Romaya the Necromancer in Sea of Stars

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Curiously, Romaya isn’t vulnerable to any of your attacks. Physical, Poison, and Solstice abilities all hit for standard damage. Because of this, stockpile MP to break Cast Bars and attack whenever you can.

Romaya has a bone pile and flesh pile nearby that she can use to summon backup. The bone pile becomes a tanky skeleton, and the flesh pile becomes a zombie. You can target the piles to stop the onslaught of summons, but only for a short while.

Without Garl on the team, Valere should take the healer role when needed. Our Lunar Solstice Warrior doesn’t have single target heals, but she does have Lunar Shield. This MP-hungry ability completely protects each party member from a single attack. If you time it correctly, this ability can save your life.

Mending Light is a great combo ability for emergency heals. Thanks to its slow charge, you won’t use it often, but it’s better than nothing. Food is also decent in a pinch. Herbed Fillets are an easy, cheap health resource if needed.

How to beat Romaya the Necromancer in Sea of Stars

Lunar Shield is a lifesaver – Image by PC Invasion

Romaya’s scariest attack is Felfire Rain, a massive AoE attack that hits your entire team. You can break Felfire Rain’s Cast Bar, but you’ll need to nail your timing for extra hits. You can use Serai’s Disorient to increase the turn meter or Valere’s Lunar Shield to take the sting out of the attack. 

Like every boss so far, a good defense is the way to go. Romaya can’t heal herself, so focus on keeping your party healthy and your Lunar Shield ready. When it’s safe, throw out whatever attacks you can. Zales Sunball and Boosted Attack are strong options when you’re ready to go on the offensive.

How to deal with the Necromancer’s minions

Your team only has so much crowd control to go around. I found the best way to deal with the minions was to kill the Zombie but ignore the Skeleton. The Skeleton has a ton of health but doesn’t hit hard. The Zombie, on the other hand, hits like a truck and has lifesteal.

The Skeleton usually only attacks once every 3 turns for a measly 18 dmg. You can kill it if it’s a bother, but it won’t stay down for long.

Even if you do everything right, Romaya is a brutal adversary, and a mistimed attack can put you on the back foot. If the battle is too hard, assist relics may help. If you’ve not used them before, check out our guide on how they work

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