Armored Core 6 G6 Red

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Armored Core 6 is a pretty difficult game, and it’s fun to try and overcome the barriers that stand your way. These barriers usually come in the shape of a boss or mini-boss, where you will need to adapt your AC build to try to also account for the weaknesses in the opponent’s build. It’s quite fun, and the flexibility that the game gives you in-terms of its capacity for builds makes this even better. You can choose to run an all explosive weapon build, or a melee build, or even run some tank treads and become a literal tank who can deal some major damage. The choice is yours. Some of the challenges in the game come from the in-game Arena mode, which has you fighting other ACs. Here’s our guide on how to beat G6 Red in Armored Core 6, one of the arena fights.

How to beat G6 Red in Armored Core 6

G6 Red is an enemy you’ll fight as the final evaluation of Rank F of the Arena mode in Armored Core 6. He uses mostly explosive weapons, meaning he can deal some major damage to you if you’re standing still. My first bit of advice about beating this boss is to keep moving. G6 Red is able to throw a rocket or two at you, meaning if you aren’t moving quickly and dodging when you see and hear the cues to let you know a missile is coming your way, you can lose a lot of AP.

Armored Core 6 G6 Red Loadout

Here’s my loadout for taking out G6 Red in Armored Core 6. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you know how to dodge some of its attacks, you’ll now need to know how to deal efficient damage to it. My advice for defeating G6 Red quickly is to stagger it as quickly and as often as possible. You can see my build above for reference, but after some experimentation I landed on my original dual pistol build that I use for the main story because the amount of time to stagger G6 Red was shockingly low. This meant the fight went by in the blink of an eye, and I was also able to defeat G6 Red without losing even a quarter of my AP.

Armored Core 6 is available for purchase on Steam.

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