Baldurs Gate 3 Mimic Guarding Harper Stash In Grymforge

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In Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll find all manner of treasure. Most of it is out in the open, or on the other side of a locked door. That’s all standard and easy to handle. However, some treasure requires more determination to unearth. The Harper Stash is a good example. Here’s our guide telling you how to access the Harper Stash in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – how to access the Harper Stash

Late during Act 1, you can enter the Underdark. This sprawling, dangerous area hides myriad secrets. One of those secrets is the Harper Stash. To access the Harper Stash, find its hidden location near Grymforge and defeat the monsters guarding it before disarming it and opening it.

Baldurs Gate 3 Underdark Duergar Boat

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A journey to Grymforge

The first matter is to find Grymforge itself. You do by heading south from the Myconid Colony (itself northwest from Selunite Outpost) to reach the Beach waypoint. If you have trouble finding the Underdark, check our guide on how to get to the Underdark. There are multiple entrances, but the guide tells you how to enter and arrive at the Selunite Outpost. That’s the entrance I recommend.

Once you arrive at the Beach waypoint, head along the shore to find the Underdark Duergar Boat. Then ride it into the darkness. This action causes you to come in contact with military types steering another boat. Talk your way out of a fight with your new friends and they will will take you to Grymforge.

Baldurs Gate 3 Heading Up Stairs To Search For Harper Stash In Grymforge

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Exploring Grymforge

In Grymforge, start by heading up the stairs past the Grymforge waypoint. Continue climbing stairs until you reach the large plaza area on the upper level. Head right from the plaza and follow the path around to reach a series of rocky ledges. Ascend those ledges to find a campfire and a red tent near stone columns.

Baldurs Gate 3 Grymforge Cragged Rock Near Harper Stash

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Proceed left from the tent and follow the path downhill but veer to the left. As you approach the end of the ledge, your presence causes the Cragged Rock to appear, outlined in white. You can ‘Use’ it to descend to a lower platform.

Descend along this area to approach the edge of a cliff. A suspicious treasure chest waits. Investigate the chest and discover it is a Mimic. The level three monster attacks you along with two cohorts it summons. They aren’t terribly tough. Defeat the monsters and save your progress. 

Baldurs Gate 3 Examine Toy Chest To Produce Harper Stash

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Reveal and finally access the Harper Stash

With your progress saved, check the Toy Chest item. It waits near the right edge of the cliff. When you use the miniature chest, you reveal a larger chest: the Harper Stash. For me, the chest appeared under one of the defeated Mimic monsters. If you try to open it, you will find it has a Trap set. Use a Trap Disarm Toolkit to disable the trap and then pick the lock using the Thieves’ Tools.

After performing both actions, you can finally access the Harper Stash. In my case, the chest contained a Scroll of Evidence, 17 gold, an Arrow of Ice, and a Grease Bottle.

Note: If you reach the Grymforge area without the tools to access the Harper Stash, buy them from a local merchant on the upper level. By now, you should have enough gold to pay for such items.

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