Sony has enjoyed unprecedented success with the PC audience this year, courtesy of Helldivers 2, and though the co-op shooter is continuing to make waves, the company does have other titles lined up for the platform as well. Recently, Horizon Forbidden West made the jump to PC, and it’s gotten off to a decent start where its Steam numbers are concerned.

As per SteamDB, Horizon Forbidden West’s current peak of concurrent players on Steam stands at 39,421 at the time of writing. That’s lower than the launch concurrent numbers for Horizon Zero Dawn by quite some margin (56,557 concurrent players), but it’s still Sony’s fifth-biggest launch on the platform, behind the aforementioned Zero Dawn and ahead of The Last of Us Part 1 (36,496).

Given the fact that Forbidden West launched for PC at the same time as Dragon’s Dogma 2 (which has got off to an impressive start), it’s no surprise that Guerrilla’s action RPG is pulling in relatively lower numbers. Of course, the weekend isn’t over yet, so the game could still draw in players in larger numbers in the hours to come.

Sony’s biggest game on the platform remains Helldivers 2 by a significant margin.

Horizon Forbidden West is available on PC, PS5, and PS4.

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