Honkai: Star Rail features a massive roster of 5-star characters. In Version 1.2, Honkai: Star Rail introduced us to the most iconic member of the Stellaron Hunters, Kafka. This character is a part of the Stellaron Hunters and has a mysterious connection with the Trailblazer, perhaps acting as his guardian. This character is a Lightning NIhility character and is in a unique position as a main DPS character, specializing in DoT damage rather than more traditional damage-dealing methods. As a result, Kafka has some unique teams and teammates she’ll want to use compared to other characters in the game. Here’s our guide on the best team comps for Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail: Kafka best team comps

Kafka is a Lightning Nihility character that specializes in DoT damage. Kafka inflicts the “Shock” ailment, a DoT effect, by herself, but she can also deal additional damage based on other DoT effects placed on the enemy. This means Kafka synergizes well with characters who can place more DoT effects, such as Serval, Sampo with his “Wind Shear” or Luka with his “Bleed.” Here are some characters that work well with Kafka:

Luka Honkai Star Rail 2 best build

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  • Luka is one of Kafka’s best support characters. He can apply the “Bleed” DoT effect on enemies, while also increasing the damage taken by enemies with his Ultimate. Luka also provides a decent amount of damage on his own, making him a good sub-DPS character to compliment Kafka.
  • Sampo is another great support character for Kafka. Sampo applies the “Wind Shear” DoT effect on enemies and has a debuff that increases the DoT damage taken by enemies with his Ultimate. When paired with Luka or another DoT character, you create a great support combo for Kafka.
  • Serval also applies the “Shock” DoT, but Serval’s main appeal in Kafka teams is her ability to extend “Shock” status ailments with her Ultimate. This includes the “Shock” DoT effects created by Kafka as well.
  • Silver Wolf is a generally good debuffer character if you do not have a full DoT team ready to use. Silver Wolf can create Elemental Weaknesses as well as lower enemy DEF, which causes enemies to take more damage as well.

With these tips in mind, here are some example teams for you to try out:

  • Kafka / Luka / Sampo / any healer character
  • Kafka / Sampo / Serval / any healer character
  • Kafka / Sampo / Silver Wolf / any healer character

Honkai: Star Rail version 1.2 is available now.

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