October 7, 2023: We added two new Haze Piece codes to our list.

What are the new Haze Piece codes? Like many Roblox experiences, Haze Piece is inspired by the popular One Piece anime. If you aspire to become the king of the pirates, then you can get a head start by typing in some codes for free race spins, gems, and even some stat refunds if you fancy changing things up a bit.

There are several other anime-inspired Roblox games out there, with the most popular ones at the moment giving away loads of free stuff via codes. We have regularly updated lists for Peroxide codes, Blox Fruits codes, and Project Slayers codes, among many others. For now, though, let’s run through the Haze Piece codes and the rewards on offer.

New Haze Piece codes

There are all active, working Haze Piece codes:

  • DRAGONUPDATE23 – 3x race spins, 20x gems, and one hour of double XP (NEW)
  • WOW190KFORNEXT – 3x race spins, 15x  gems, and 1x stat refund
  • 220KLIKES4CODE – 3x race spins, 15x gems, and 1x stat
  • 160KLIKESFORNEXT – 3x race spins, 15x gems, and 1x stat
  • 145KLIKESFORNEXT – 4x race spins, 15x gems, and 1x stat refund
  • FREEX2EXP – double XP for one hour
  • WOWZERS125K – 3x race spins, 15x gems, and 1x stat refund
  • THANKSFOR70K2023 – free rewards
  • GROUPONLY – 10k cash (must be in the Roblox group)
  • SHUTDOWN3– 2x EXP for 30 minutes

Expired codes


The code redeem screen where you can type in Haze Piece codes to get free stuff.

How do I redeem Haze Piece codes?

Here’s how to redeem Haze Piece codes:

  • Launch Haze Piece from its Roblox page.
  • Start the game.
  • Click the Twitter bird logo button at the bottom left.
  • Type in your code and click Redeem.

If the code is currently active, then you’ll briefly see the rewards appear on screen. If the code is expired or invalid, you’ll see an error message instead.

How do I get more Haze Piece codes?

The easiest way to get more Haze Piece codes is to keep checking this guide. We will update you with any new Haze Piece codes regularly, so bookmark this page on your browser and come back soon for more codes. Alternatively, you can also join the game’s Roblox group via the Haze Piece Roblox page or follow Incurr8 on X, formerly known as Twitter, for codes directly from the developer.

Now that you’ve got the latest Haze Piece codes, you can check out our list of the best Roblox games to see the currently trending experiences. We also keep regularly updated lists of all the active Roblox promo codes and the best Roblox music codes for even more freebies. Finally, if you want something popular but different, we have all the current Blade Ball codes so you can afford all the best skills.

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