Developer Crate Entertainment has announced a new expansion for action RPG Grim Dawn. The expansion, titled Fangs of Asterkarn, is slated for release in 2024, and will be the third expansion for Grim Dawn since the game’s February 2016 release.

Grim Dawn: Fangs of Asterkarn will bring quite a few new features to the game, including a new 10th Matery, which essentially raises the number of playable class combinations up to 45. For context, classes in Grim Dawn consist of a combination of two Masteries that players pick as they level up through the game.

The new mastery, dubbed Berserker, will allow players to play a character that can go into a frenzy during combat. Players using the new mastery will also have the option to dive into shapeshifting into beast-like forms.

Other major features of the expansion include a new chapter for the game’s main story taking place in the snowy peaks of Asterkarn, as well as the Ascendant game mode, potion customisation, the ability to reroll the bonuses on rare and magic items, additional waves for the Crucible game mode, new regions being added to the Shattered Realm, and new Epic items, along with hundreds of new items in general. The expansion also brings with it two new roguelike dungeons, which will be released as part of free content updates for Fangs of Asterkarn.

The Fangs of Asterkarn expansion will not be raising the level cap for player characters, nor will it increase the Devotion cap in the game. Players will be able to gain additional power through quest rewards, and the studio has stated that potion customisation will play a role in getting characters more powerful, since it will allow players to get their hands on potions that can provide unique buffs and other effects.

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