Grand Theft Auto fans are worried about the potential of “horrific” levels of microtransactions in GTA 6, or at least the GTA Online sucessor that will presumably ship alongside the new GTA game. Rockstar Games is still saying zip about the next installment in the GTA series, however, the game is once again on the mind of money after learning how much money GTA Online continues to print on the back of microtransactions and, in turn, how much the executives of Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive, make in the process of this.

Over on Twitter, Axios reporter Stephen Totilo relays word that Take-Two Interactive’s top two executives made $30,040,000 last financial year. This financial year, they made $72,350,718, and could make even more in the future as they have pay goals tied to microtransactions. There is literally an incentive, according to Totilo, to make money on microtransactions. To this end, GTA fans can’t wonder what this could mean for GTA 6 and the future of GTA Online.

Also on Twitter, prominent YouTuber Legacy Killa HD quote-tweeted this information, accompanied by the following caption: “Those GTA 6 microtransactions gonna be horrific.” And he’s not the only one worried about this.

“This is one of the many reasons I don’t think GTA 6 is going to be good,” says one fan in the replies to the tweet above. “People have woken up now so hopefully Rockstar and Take-Two get s**t loads of backlash when they do release it within the next several years.”

Some have pointed out that as long as the microtransactions stay out of the single-player experience they don’t mind microtransactions being stuffed into the online element of the game. Meanwhile, others have excused the practice noting that GTA 6 is likely going to have the biggest budget ever seen in gaming, and this is partially thanks to how much money GTA Online prints via microtransactions.

For now, it remains to be seen. With how successful GTA 5 is, you’d assume Rockstar Games will just replicate its approach with GTA 6. However, it’s possible with an increase in budget and investment expectations, it will aim higher. If it does, then the microtransactions could very well get out of control.

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