Genshin Impact’s next event is live, taking place in the heart of the game’s newest region, Fontaine. The Mega Meka Melee event in Genshin Impact has numerous minigames for you to partake in to earn Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings, which you can use to purchase various items in the event shop. To begin this event, you’ll have to be Adventure Rank 20 and have unlocked Fontaine. Follow this guide for more information about the Genshin Impact event, Mega Meka Melee.

To start this event, talk to the NPC Arbon in front of Leschots Clockwork Workshop.

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Mega Meka Melee event guide

Talking to Arbon will begin a short questline introducing you to the event. This event mostly consists of going around Fontaine and talking to various NPCs. Follow the quest markers to each NPC until you unlock the event hub. There are three minigames in this event: Dance Dance Resolution, Torrential Turbulent Charge, and Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena. There are also two more quests that will unlock throughout the event which you can complete for extra rewards.

Mega Meka Melee Genshin Impact event rewards

For participating in the Mega Meka Melee event, you can earn a variety of rewards, including a free Bennett. Here are the rewards you can earn for participating in this event:

Crown of Insight500 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
50 Primogems (x2)40 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Guide to Equity (x6)20 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Philosophies of Equity (x2)60 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Guide to Justice (x6)20 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Philosophies of Justice (x2)60 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Guide to Order (x6)20 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Philosophies of Order (x2)60 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Sanctifying Essence (x6)20 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Agnidus Agate Fragment (x6)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Nagadus Emerald Fragment (x6)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Vajrada Amethyst Fragment (x6)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment (x6)30Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Shivada Jade Fragment (x6)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Prithiva Topaz Fragment (x6)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
Varunada Lazurite Fragment (x6)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings
10,000 Mora (x60)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings

You can also earn a free Bennett by earning 2,400 Enigmatic Copper Mainstrings.

Dance Dance Resolution

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To begin the Dance Dance Resolution minigame, talk to the NPC Armand. This minigame is akin to Rhythm Heaven, where you control a toy robot that has to smash stuffed Pyro slimes coming down a conveyor belt to the beat of the music. As stuffed Pyro slimes come down the assembly line, press the corresponding key to smash the slimes. They will move down to the beat of the song, so be sure to turn your sound up. There are three tracks that will unlock throughout the course of this event.

Torrential Turbulent Charge

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The Torrential Turbulent Charge event. To begin this event, complete the World Quest: “Aqueous Tidemarks” first. You will be taken underwater to dive and swim past obstacles in an obstacle course in the sea. You’ll need to complete each course before time runs out. Use Turbulent Rings to move faster as you traverse each course.

Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena

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Return to the NPC Alberre to begin this event. This combat event tasks you with traveling around Fontaine and defeating opponents. Each location will feature enemies exclusive to Fontaine. Defeat all the enemies in each location to win a reward. Each day will bring you to three different locations.

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