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The Icewind Suite is a world boss in Genshin Impact with a unique mechanic that allows you to fight two different variations of the boss, the Dirge of Coppelia or the Nemesis of Coppelius. As a result, each boss actually drops two different materials you’ll need to ascend your character, as opposed to just one. This boss pits you against a pair of dancing robots, as you fight between two different versions. You’ll need to bring a team that excels in single-target damage to quickly dispatch this boss and obtain some important materials. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide on the Icewind Suite world boss in Fontaine.

Should I fight the Dirge of Coppelia or the Nemesis of Coppelius in Genshin Impact?

The Icewind Suite world boss does not trigger like most world bosses in Genshin Impact. To begin this world boss, you have to talk to the NPC Maillardet, located right in front of the dancing robots, and choose which variation of the battle you wish to fight. (He explains that these fights are just practice for the robot’s combat capabilities, so you can rest easy knowing you actually aren’t disturbing the peace of this romantic pair.)

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From this boss fight, depending on which version you choose, you can get two different boss drops: the Artificed Spare Clockwork Component – Copellia, or the Artificed Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelius. These two variants are different character ascension items, meaning you will need to make sure you are fighting the correct version of the boss to obtain the correct item. The Artificed Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelia variant is currently only used as a character ascension material for Lynette. As of this writing, the Artificed Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelius variant is not used for any character so far but will be utilized as a character ascension item in the future.

Dirge of Coppelia Genshin Impact boss guide

Should you choose the Dirge of Coppelia boss fight in Genshin Impact, you’ll be teleported to the dancing stage to fight the Coppelia robot. In a stylish fight, Coppelius will utilize a variety of Cryo attacks, such as sending out waves of ice shards or unleashing an ice wall toward your characters. Dodge these attacks and avoid being infused with Cryo.

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Eventually, Coppelia will teleport to the center of the stage, surrounding herself with Anemo energy and creating a few Anemo whirlwinds around the stage. At the same time, Coppelius will skate across the stage, sending out numerous Cryo attacks your way. If you have any characters with Pneuma-imbued attacks, attacking her with these attacks will incapacitate her and allow you to deal immense damage. (You should know that the only characters with this ability so far are Lyney and the Hydro Traveler.)

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Recommended characters for the Dirge of Coppelia fight

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Pneuma-imbued attackers are helpful in this fight to incapacitate Coppelia during her Anemo phase. Lyney is currently the strongest utilizer of Pneuma-energy, and his best team consists of himself, Xiangling, Bennett, and a strong shielder like Zhongli or Thoma. However, disabling the boss during this phase is not mandatory, and you don’t necessarily get any bonuses from incapacitating her either, aside from avoiding the pair’s attacks.

If you don’t have Lyney, you can utilize a team with strong single-target damage instead. Yoimiya is a great boss-slayer, with her fast and powerful Pyro-infused attacks, especially paired with off-field Hydro applications like Xingqiu or Yelan. Hu Tao is another character renowned for her single-target capabilities.

Nemesis of Coppelius Genshin Impact boss guide

After defeating the Dirge of Coppelia, you’ll have to wait a short time (approximately five minutes) for the boss to reset. Come back when the bosses are ready to fight against and choose the Nemesis of Coppelius in Genshin Impact to fight this time. In contrast to the Dirge of Coppelia fight, Coppelia will be unleashing many of the attacks this time, utilizing a variety of Anemo attacks. These include tracking Anemo projectiles thrown your character’s way, or an elegant Anemo nosedive that can deal high damage.

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Similar to the Coppelia fight, eventually, Coppelius will take center stage and imbue himself with Cryo energy. Additionally, he will also spawn three Cryo pylons across the stage that unleash Cryo energy that can damage your team. While this is happening, Coppelia will dance around the stage, unleashing a variety of Anemo attacks. This time, to incapacitate the pair, you’ll have to use attacks imbued with Ousia energy. The only Ousia character as of Version 4.0 is Lynette, so don’t fret if you don’t have a character with Ousia attacks.

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However, one major difference with the Coppelius fight is his ability to spawn a large Cryo shield on himself, an ability that Coppelia does not share. This means, unless you have Ousia-imbued attacks or a means to disable his Cryo shield, you will not be able to damage Coppelius. Be sure to bring either Lynette or a character with Pyro abilities to beat this fight.

Recommended characters for the Nemesis of Coppelius fight

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Lynette is the only character in the game so far that can utilize Ousia energy. If you find yourself needing to disable Coppelius during his Cryo phase, then utilizing a Lynette team may be a good idea. (For ideas around Lynette teams, check out our Lynette team comps guide.) However, like with the Dirge of Coppelia, you don’t necessarily need to incapacitate Coppelius to defeat the boss.

Instead, you can utilize a team with high single-target damage. There is no downside to repeating the same team you used with the Dirge of Coppelia if you don’t plan on disabling the boss, so utilize characters known for high single-target damage, such as Yoimiya or Hu Tao. Using Pyro characters, in particular, is important for this fight, as Coppelius will spawn a strong Cryo shield on himself during his Cryo phase.

That’s all you need to know about the Icewind Suite world boss in Genshin Impact. Be sure to fight the correct version of the boss and get the right character ascension material. Download Genshin Impact on its official website here.


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