Turn 10’s upcoming racing game, Forza Motorsport 8, releases in just a few hours, but it’s already available for those who paid for the Premium Edition. You might already have access to it, depending on which version you bought and where you reside. If you’re one of the people who paid for early access, you should be able to play it starting October 5 at 12:01 AM your local time. The only exceptions are for those who use Pacific and Central time in the US, which unlocked at 9:01 and 11:01, respectively, on October 4.

What Time Does Forza Motorsport Come Out?

Here are the Forza Motorsport release times for the following countries:

Forza Motorsport 8 Release Date Australia (Sydney)

Forza Motorsport New Zealand Release Date (Auckland)

US Forza Motorsport Release Dates/Times


New York


Forza Motorsport Asia Release Dates/Times

Saudi Arabia




How Many Cars Will Forza Motorsport Have?

If you don’t have a sports car of your own, don’t worry—you can live vicariously through the collection of high-speed autos in Forza Motorsport! The game will have more than 500 cars to collect at launch, with more added later. Much like in the previous titles, you can expect a good mix of European sports cars, American muscle cars, and Japanese classics in the lineup.

Here are some of the more popular ones that are sure to be favorites:

How Many Tracks Will Forza Motorsport Have?

Forza Motorsport will have 20 tracks at launch. According to Turn 10, the confirmed tracks are completely rebuilt circuits worldwide with multiple layouts. We’ll also have five never-before-seen tracks available.

Each track features live crowds and a fully dynamic time-of-day with weather and temperature changes that will impact how you drive. Some highlights include the iconic Laguna Seca, Maple Valley, and the South African Kyalami track. After Forza Motorsport’s launch, you can expect new content to pop up regularly in the game. For now, we know that the 12.9-mile Nordschleife is coming in 2024.

No Split-Screen Support

As we’re nearing the official launch time of Forza Motorsport, Microsoft confirmed that the game won’t have several of its legacy features, such as a spectator mode, the ability to race against AI opponents in some multiplayer modes, and split-screen support. The split-screen support specifically was a creative choice made by the team and not because of technical limitations.

Phil Spencer—the CEO of Microsoft Gaming—stated that Forza Motorsport would never have split-screen support since, according to the data, the number of people who use the feature isn’t enough to warrant a development effort to make it happen.

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