FFXIV patch 6.51 has a lot in store from what we’ve seen already, like a new Variant Dungeon and the Fall Guys Collaboration, but the London Fanfest revealed something more: A new questline crossover with FFXVI. No one could see it coming, but soon, FFXIV crosses over with FFXVI.

An FFXIV and FFXVI crossover questline comes to 6.51

This, as we all know and recognized by the keynote, is a monumentally difficult task, as these two games’ head developers do not agree eye to eye and couldn’t possibly be the same person. Truly, this is a shocking revelation no one could have seen coming.

Naoki Yoshida explained at the keynote this collaboration is intended as an introduction to FFXVI. It is meant for those who have not played it yet and may not own the console. Therefore, the collaboration will not be spoiler heavy for XVI and instead seek to introduce it to the XIV audience. The questline will be called ‘The Path Infernal’.

With this reveal, the keynote showed a clip of the Endwalker Warrior of Light fighting Ifrit in the same Bowl of Embers location as we know in XIV, only with a model resembling the XVI version of Ifrit. And in all honesty, the fight taking place looked absolutely fire. Sure, we already have normal and extreme trial versions of Ifrit as well as the Eden version, but this is one more version of Ifrit that I personally welcome into my heart immediately.

The nature of the collaboration as a questline implies that we could potentially fight even more XVI versions of XIV primals, but the name seems very Ifrit focused. Either way, some rewards were also showcased. We get Torgad the frost wolf as a mount from this questline. And we can pet him. There was also a glance at an outfit and a minion of a baby frost wolf. The minion is so cute I’m going to explode.

Ffxiv Crosses Over With Ffxvi
Image: Square Enix

In short, we know some rewards, the timeframe, and that FFXIV crosses over with FFXVI in 6.51. What a pawsitively great thing to look forward to.

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