Three friends sit next to each other with a phone close-up showing a prompt about whether or not to keep citizens inside
Image: Fifth Harbour Studios

The upcoming 1v5 party game, Project Planet – Earth vs Humanity will see players fighting for the survival of the entire human race against one player as Earth. Today, developer Fifth Harbour Studios has announced that it will be releasing the title on Sept. 25 alongside the title’s price of $24.99, with a launch discount of 20% for a limited time.

Those in Project Planet – Earth vs Humanity who play as Earth will enact a range of scenarios inspired by real-life to get the population to 0. While the other side can be played by one person, up to 5 players will join together as the world leaders and try to work together to foil the planet’s plans to exterminate their populations.

A zoomed out version of earth showing different countries with yellow and red as they get infected with a virus
Image: Fifth Harbour Studios

While there have been games with these disaster themes in the past, Project Planet is different in that there are branching narratives with multiple scenarios arising. With the branching narratives, both the Earth and Leader players will need to stay on their toes to ensure that they’re ready to adapt to changing situations.

As with other party games like the Jackbox Party Pack series, players will be able to connect and play with any browser-enabled device. All the players joining will need is the website and the game-specific code that allows users to play or spectate the game for themselves. This will allow those in the same room or across the world to play together.

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