What’s so sus’ about him? Our guide contains everything you need to know about the Elemental Dungeons Sus Vampire. Where is he, and what he has to offer? Plus, anything else we think you should know!

Elemental Dungeons is an action-packed adventure game that revolves around battling against bosses, exploring dungeons filled to the brim with enemies, and a wide range of elemental abilities to wield in combat. Work through a variety of quests to earn Gems, which can then be used to roll for brand-new magical powers!

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Elemental Dungeons Sus Vampire

Why is he so suspicious?

Who Is The Sus Vampire?

This rather dapper fellow with the fangs is an NPC who hangs around the castle on top of the hill. This castle is located within the hub area, it’s hard to miss once you’ve spotted the rather ominous-looking castle that looms over the spawn area. Head here and you’ll be met with the Sus Vampire in all his fanged glory!

What Does He Have To Offer?

Well, every 3 hours. Players who are level 40 and above get the chance to make a deal with him. In exchange for a wealthy 33,000 Gold (at base level 40) you will receive a random element from him. This may seem risky since you could get something entirely useless, or a double. However, if luck is on your side you may be able to pull an exclusive element, which are only available through this suited gentleman!

So with the balance between something useless and something incredibly powerful, will you take a trip to the Sus Vampire after this guide? Something to note is that as your level increases, so does the price of the trade with the Sus Vampire. So be sure to grind for Gold so you aren’t unprepared as you climb the levels.

Finally, the weakest rarity elements you can receive from the Sus Vampire is Rare, whilst the strongest are Mythical rarity.

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