FromSoftware president and game director Hidetaka Miyazaki has addressed the possibility of Elden Ring 2 one day coming about. Given the massive success of Elden Ring, many fans have naturally assumed that a sequel is something that FromSoftware would one day create. Currently, the studio has been preoccupied with creating the open-world action game’s expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, which is now known to be releasing in June 2024. After this launch, FromSoftware hasn’t detailed what it will be moving onto next, but it seems that Elden Ring 2 is a potential option that could be explored.

In a discussion with IGN, Miyazaki made clear that Elden Ring 2 is something that the studio is very much open to. Miyazaki didn’t commit one way or another if such a follow-up would come about down the road, but he said that returning to the world of Elden Ring is something that those at FromSoftware would never rule out. He compared this situation to the one the company was put in following the release of Dark Souls 3, where he said that the studio would never say never to one day making a new Dark Souls entry.

“We don’t want to say this is the end of the Elden Ring saga for now,” Miyazaki said. “I think we said a similar thing at the end of Dark Souls 3. We didn’t want to flatten those possibilities or put a pin in them just at that time. And it’s a similar story with Elden Ring. We don’t want to discourage the possibilities for that. There might be more ideas in the future. We don’t have any current plans to make a second DLC or a sequel, but we definitely don’t want to snuff out that possibility. We think that there could well be something in the future.”

As mentioned, the biggest reason that FromSoftware would look to create Elden Ring 2 is simply because the first entry was the most successful title that the studio has ever released. While FromSoftware reached widespread acclaim for its work on the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, it was Elden Ring that ended up making the company a household name among hardcore video game fans. That being said, FromSoftware operates (somewhat) independently as a game developer and is at liberty to determine what its next project will be without taking into account too much outside input. And while those at Bandai Namco would surely welcome Elden Ring 2, there’s a chance that FromSoftware would look to create a wholly different universe for players to explore with its next major game.

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