While getting through a tough trophy list can be rewarding, sometimes we all want an easygoing experience. We’ve dug through the PlayStation Store and used our own experiences to figure out what PS5 games in 2024 have an easy trophy list and platinum.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Image Source: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio via Twinfinite

Infinite Wealth puts players back in the shoes of Ichiban Kasuga as he attempts to help the ex-Yakuza after the previous game’s events. Though he must detour on that path, a new journey takes him (and the series) to America for the first time. He must now navigate the culture of Hawaii to unravel a whole new conspiracy.

Though the Yakuza-verse games are notorious for lengthy trophy lists, Infinite Wealth breaks that trend. You don’t have to deal with a difficulty trophy or worry about finishing out the completion list. Plus, the level 99 dungeon that cranked up the trophy difficulty in Yakuza 7 is also completely absent. Instead, you need to do a fair bit of side content, but by no means everything.

The game doesn’t even require you to complete every substory, so you only have to clear out 40. From the perspective of mainline titles, this one is even easier to platinum than Yakuza 6. The only difference is you’re probably looking at a pretty lengthy completion, but it is worth the ride. The hardest trophy is Legendary Dragon, which is for getting Kasuga to level 70. As enemy levels cap out at roughly 55, it’s a bit of a grind.

Tekken 8

Tekken 8
Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

It’s pretty fitting that Tekken 8 belongs in here, as Tekken 7 is still one of the easiest fighting game platinum trophies I have ever gotten. The game picks up a few months after the end of the previous title and focuses on a different father-and-son clash between Jin and Kazuya. As you can expect with that family, things get pretty dicey.

Overall, you’re looking at a very easy path to platinum. You can play story mode The Dark Awakens in easy mode. While there isn’t an easy option for Arcade Quest, it isn’t all that difficult to begin with. Both of these modes will run you roughly two hours each and will probably be where you get the bulk of the miscellaneous trophies.

Other than those, you just need to finish out the Super Ghost Battles and the Character Episodes, which give more of the story. As for online-only trophies, you need to win one Ranked, Player, and Group match and then play 10 additional online matches that you don’t have to win. This isn’t a lengthy trophy list at all, and it can probably be knocked out in one eight-hour marathon.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown
Image Source: Ubisoft

It’s been 14 years since The Forgotten Sands was released, and the series has returned to its 2D roots with The Lost Crown. After the Persian prince has been kidnapped, the new hero, Sargon, must delve into the depths of Mount Qaf and the Citadel to bring him back home.

The Lost Crown platinum has two major things going for it. First, it lacks a difficulty trophy, so you can play the whole game on easy if you’d like. Second, there aren’t any missable trophies at all. Couple that with the game’s post-story free roam, and you can take this platinum at your own pace.

This means you are completely free to enjoy the narrative, and you can set out to pick up collectibles and complete sidequests at your own convenience. The average completion time for the story seems to be 25 hours or so, so cleaning up afterward (assuming you didn’t really do much) should take you less than half of that.

Resistance: Retribution

Resistance: Retribution
Image Source: Bend Studio via Twinfinite

The Classics Catalogue for February has added a PSP title that, when it was released, enhanced an already terrific PS3 FPS franchise. In Resistance: Retribution, you play as James Grayson, who joins the European faction of the resistance to avoid a court martial. Unlike the PS3 games, Retribution is a third-person shooter developed by the studio that later made Days Gone.

Resistance: Retribution continues a trend in which the classic games that get trophy support often also get easy lists. The majority of the list is simply for beating the game, as each mission/chapter has a trophy for completing it, and there isn’t a difficulty trophy. Otherwise, you just need to kill 50 enemies, use the Auger WS 100 times, die once, and use 10 different weapons.

The added benefit is that all classic games include a rewind function that lets you go back several steps if you make a mistake. This makes it incredibly easy to get the trophy for dying and then just reset a little bit before that. Overall, you’re looking at maybe 10ish hours to complete the campaign, so it’s not a long platinum journey at all.

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