Another RPG? Count us in. Encounter the captivating world of Wantless: Solace at World’s End. Drop Rate Studio’s artistry and tactical gameplay redefine gaming. Grab the opportunity to play on Steam Early Access with a special 10% discount available until November 14th!

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What’s The Magic Behind This Early Access?

The visionaries behind Wantless have outlined a provisional one-year journey for their Early Access odyssey. Get ready to dive into an ever-expanding gaming universe! The masterminds behind Wantless are on a mission to deliver a wave of fresh experiences, alluring rewards, formidable challenges, unexplored realms, endgame enigmas, unique progression systems, and a trove of accomplishments. But there’s more in the pipeline, as their vision extends to complete localization and a grand saga’s conclusion.

Unlock a library of 50+ Synapses and 30 versatile forms, yours to weave into a tapestry of thousands of potent spells. Also, confront a legion of 50+ adversaries, each as challenging as the labyrinthine depths of your patients’ minds. Also, be prepared to confront 20 formidable bosses, each wielding its own distinct strategy, alongside a cast of ten genuinely unique adversaries. An adventure through six captivating Sub-Biomes, each featuring its variety of nightmarish residents. Advance through four tiers of patient challenge, reaching a climax in an ending experience that unleashes your character’s full potential.

Dive into an expansive skill matrix, granting you the power to meticulously shape your character’s attributes and create a personalized playstyle of epic proportions.

A Look Into The Wantless World

A character from Wantless fighting an enemy in the game.

Welcome to Wantless: Solace at World’s End, where you become Eiris, one of the last transposers. Journey into patients’ minds, and engage in dynamic turn-based battles to ease their suffering. Shape your unique powers with a potent skill-crafting system to conquer inner demons. Each mission unveils fresh objectives, biomes, and rewards, compelling you to embrace losses, plan for triumph, and overcome your deepest fears.

In the world of Wantless, the battleground isn’t on any traditional field; rather, it unfolds within the very depths of your patients’ subconscious. Bear in mind that the human psyche is a fragile masterpiece. Most patients, with unique traits, are randomly generated, offering a plethora of possibilities. As you progress, meet exceptional individuals with intriguing stories and tough challenges, testing your character’s limits.

Harness the elements around you, face the incarnate terrors, and navigate the delicate balance of ethics in a world teetering on the edge of extinction. You can have a more look at the new updates and news, from their official Twitter page or Instagram account.

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