Earlier this week, Techland rolled out the Summertime Update 1.12 for its survival horror action RPG, Dying Light 2 Stay Human. This latest update brings the exciting PAYDAY 2 crossover event along with some improvements, changes, and new features, including the new microtransaction currency, Dying Light (DL) Points

DL Points had been unveiled to players in August 2023, but it was only with the release of Summertime Update 1.12 that it was implemented in-game. Since its announcement, the addition of DL Points has already faced considerable criticism from players. 

DL Points were introduced in Dying Light 2 Stay Human as a means to streamline the process of acquiring skin bundles, offering players the freedom to grab their favorite skins on the go without leaving the game. These DL Points are available for purchase using real money through the in-game store and are being sold in packs of 500, 1100, 2300, 3600, and 6500, offering more bonuses with larger purchases. 

Although Techland clarified that using DL Points is entirely optional, some players have voiced their concerns over this new currency mainly due to the fact that it can only be purchased in fixed increments. As such, if players wish to acquire an $8 pack, they would either have to buy a $10 bundle or multiple smaller bundles. In any case, this forces players to pay more, leaving them with leftover points that may tempt them to spend more real money to get more DL Points and buy more packs. 

Today, in response to these player concerns, Techland released an official statement via Dying Light‘s official page:


As always, we are gathering your feedback and hear your concerns. As far as we understand, a big part of the frustration stems from the pricing of the bundles and the resulting leftover DL Points.

To figure out this issue, we’ve already started working on a couple of solutions proposed by the community. For example, we’re reviewing the mechanics of adding an option to purchase individual items from the existing bundles. This way, if you have any spare DL Points, you could spend them on different bundles. Why not use Michonne’s Katana while cosplaying a chicken? Still, that will not happen overnight, as it’ll take the devs some time to rework the system.

Meanwhile, as a reminder, there are several bundles in the store that can be bought for less than 500 DL Points that you can grab now – or you can wait until we implement the solution suggested above. We’ll keep on gathering feedback throughout the weekend and based on the amount of questions/concerns, we’ll decide the best time to have an AMA with @smektalaTM (Tymon Smektała, Dying Light Franchise Director).  

We’ll let you know in advance, so you can post your questions on the usual channels to be answered by him directly.

Techland’s response to the criticism suggests that players may look forward to a new Dying Light 2 Stay Human update aimed at addressing this problem. Ideally, this upcoming update will be released sooner and will effectively address players’ concerns.

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