Nothing worse than a legendary sword in an awful state, being a shadow of its former glory. Here is how to repair the Regalia Sword – or at least try to – in the Dulled Steel, Cold Forge quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Dulled Steel, Cold Forge: finding the right blacksmith

Dulled Steel, Cold Forge is the first quest in the Regalia Sword questline in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It is one of those quests that will probably stay in your Quest menu for quite a while. To start this mission you will have to travel to Vernworth Castle grounds where a soldier named Roman will approach you. He recognizes you as the Arisen and hands you the legendary Regalia Sword, which is unfortunately dulled due to the passing of time.

To restore it, you will need to find the right blacksmith for the job, and you will find it in Bakbattahl at Brokkr’s Smithy. You will need to finish all of Captain Brant’s quests to receive a pass that will lead you on the way to said town, although there is a way to visit Batthal without it. Be prepared because the way there is filled with monsters that will undoubtedly kill you if you give them the chance.

Dragons Dogma 2 Bakbatthal Blacksmith
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Once you get inside the blacksmith shop, speak with Brokkr and he will tell you that he is retired and will not be able to restore the Regalia sword to its former glory. Of course, nothing in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is as easy at it may appear, so don’t roll the credits yet.

Dragons Dogma 2 Brokkr
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As soon as you finish talking with Brokkr, Sara, his apprentice, will approach you and tell you that she will give the job the chance. However, she will need to power the furnace with a material called Glimmercoal. And, of course, said material is in a place filled with enemies.

Dragons Dogma 2 Sara
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Delivering Glimmercoal to ignite the forge

You will need to travel to the southwest of Bakbattahl to a mine called Digger’s Ruins. Be careful if you are under-leveled because the way there will be filled with monsters and even a Griffin. Not only that, but another cave is nearby that has an Ogre inside it, and he is no Shrek.

Dragons Dogma 2 Cave Glimmercoal
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Once inside, after you deal with some Goblin mobs, you will see some glowing green crystals. Those are the Glimmercoal you need to pick up, and you need a minimum of 15. Be sure to remember where each of the Glimmercoal veins are located since they will lose their glow when you approach them. Collect the necessary materials and then go back to Brokkr’s Smithy.

Dragons Dogma 2 Glimmercoal
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Once you return to the blacksmith store at Bakbattahl, give the Glimmercoal to Sara and they wait for a couple of days while she works on the Regalia Sword. Once you get back to her, Brokkr will tell you that she is nowhere to be found. She didn’t scam us, don’t worry.

Dragons Dogma 2 Sara Quest Ending
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Here is where the quest will end, with a huge cliffhanger. In case you are wondering, Sara didn’t ghost us, she traveled to a place called Mountain Base Cave, a very far location located at Agamen Volcanic Island – a place in which you will want to use a Portable Portcrystal, by the way. To be honest, she might as well give us a death sentence since the way there is extremely long, but that’s a tale for another day.

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