Helldivers 2 has been such a hit that more and more players join in the fray every day. Since the game is only available on Steam and PlayStation, Xbox gamers feel left out and have started a petition to port it to their platform. While this may sound like a good idea, Arrowhead Games Studio should focus on adding more server capacity before integrating a new platform to introduce a recent surge of players.

Helldivers 2 Generates A Buzz for Xbox Gamers

The game continuously entices more gamers to join the fight against the Automaton and Terminids. Helldivers 2’s daily population averages around 350,000, which continues to grow. It was released exclusively for Steam and PS5, which made Xbox gamers feel left out. Xbox users have been dying to join the fight and help the war effort. 

There haven’t been any announcements on whether the game will enter Xbox service, but gamers have already started a petition to urge the devs to port it into the platform. The motion has already garnered around 25,000 signatures and will undoubtedly increase until the community receives a confirmation or announcement from Arrowhead Games Studios. 

PlayStation Players Also Want Xbox Gamers To Join In

Helldivers 2 has caused an unlikely truce between the PS and Xbox community since there has been an ongoing console war between the two sides for many years. This feud stopped when it came to Helldivers because PlayStation fans wanted Xbox gamers to join the war effort. The game has introduced the concept of global campaign missions, and the current population found that they need more people to help win the war. 

The fight against bugs and robots is more critical than the feud about the supreme console. Some PlayStation players have even taken to social media sites to express their desire to see Xbox users have a port for the game. The call from both console communities should get the attention of both Arrowhead Game Studios and Sony. 

Devs Should Focus on More Server First

Getting an Xbox port would create more problems for the game’s current state. Helldivers 2 is currently experiencing a surge of players that is too much for their available servers. While most gamers would be irritated by this type of problem, the community completely understands that the lack of player capacity resulted from AGS not expecting hundreds of thousands of players to love the game. 

Arrowhead Games Studios has continuously tried to remedy the situation by increasing its server capacity gradually. Unfortunately, these upgrades aren’t significant enough to handle the surge of players. Gamers would reach the new population cap every time devs increase their max limit. The stable server conditions would only last a few hours until players would swarm in. 

Currently, the game’s capacity can only handle around 400,000 players in Steam. This max concurrent gamers was quickly filled in a matter of hours. We have no reliable source for the PS population, so the 400,000 doesn’t include the PlayStation community. If AGS were to port Helldivers 2 to Xbox, this would worsen the current issue. 

While we agree that Xbox players should get a chance to spread managed democracy, AGS should focus on increasing their server capacities first. Porting Helldivers 2 to another platform would ensure that all data centers are overloaded 24/7, so concentrating on the server issues would be better. Xbox players can join and help the war effort once there is enough room for recruits without overpopulating the game. 

Helldivers 2 Server Issues

Helldivers 2’s issue with its servers shows that many players genuinely enjoy and love the game. Despite this problem, gamers are not roasting or hating on AGS but have supported the indie developer. The gaming community that the small company did not expect this many players, so they couldn’t acquire and prepare larger server capacities. Social media users have even shown their support by stating they will be ready to spread and manage democracy once servers stabilize.

Overloaded servers cause most of the game’s current problems. Many bugs and glitches are attributed to this situation, as data takes too long to send or process. Issues like being stuck in the loading screen or not receiving rewards are all server-side problems, and these bugs will only be resolved once we have additional server capacity. Despite all this, the Helldivers community has been very patient with AGS.

AGS Doing Their Best with Servers

Devs have been doing their best to increase the game’s server capacity, but buying machines for increased limits is one of many issues here. AGS CEO Pilestedts has indicated they must also give their engineers enough time to optimize the backend code for every server purchase. In this case, Helldivers 2 experiences both labor and population limit problems. 

We don’t have any guarantees on when the servers will stabilize. CEO Pilestedt wants their engineers to be given enough time and space to optimize everything without him pestering them. AGS recently released double XP and Requisition rewards as compensation for the server problems, but this x2 acquisition just invited more players to get in to enjoy the benefits. Players should wait patiently until the devs can effectively resolve the issue.

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