When it comes to defensive Supers there are a few that come to mind: The Titan’s Void bubble, and the Solar Warlock’s Well of Radiance. However, not everything is equal and balanced, so let’s discuss how in Destiny 2: Well of Radiance Warlock outmatches every other class.

Destiny 2’s various Supers are as iconic as they are useful in combat. Ranging from giant exploding projectiles to quick, invisible strikes, Supers cover a wide swath of gameplay styles in Destiny 2. However, the range of Super options given by Bungie are not equal in usefulness, especially in the context of Destiny 2 gameplay being heavily skewed toward teamwork. No other Super options in the game hammer this notion in more than Void Bubble Titan, Void Shield Titan, and Solar Well Warlock.

The stats of the Solar Warlock Super Well of Radiance in Destiny 2
Image Source by Twinfinite

This is because those three Supers are designed with teamwork in mind, and the defensive buffs they give are that much more useful. While they don’t provide huge amounts of raw damage, I argue the extra survivability and weapon damage buffs more than make up for it. Especially in an end-game teamwork setting like GrandMaster Nightfalls, Dungeons, and Raids where survival is the key to consistent damage output.

This is especially true of the Warlock’s Well of Radiance Super. It gives a large amount of Solar Restoration on top of damage resistance that rivals that of the Titan’s Bubble’s survivability. Furthermore, Well of Radiance allows you and your fireteam to damage enemies from within the super’s area of safety, that’s just not something you can do with Titan’s bubble.

Sure, a Void Titan could use the Sentinel Shield Super, but the defensive benefits aren’t as all encompassing, and in a Raid of six people, the Titan can’t provide damage as well since he’s holding the shield up. Meanwhile, if you’re a Warlock, you’re basically expected to run Well of Radiance for how endgame combat encounters seem to be designed around its use.

A smart friend once told me if you can’t easily identify if something needs nerfing then it’s more likely that other things need buffing. I feel this is easily the case for Well of Radiance, especially when it was already nerfed last year. To remedy this, a few solutions come to mind.

The Well of Radiance Super in action in Destiny 2
Image Source by Twinfinite

Bungie could go one of two routes with potential solutions to Well feeling so needed in team compositions. The first solution could involve buffing other currently only offensive Supers to also include some kind of survivability aspect. For example, the Hunter’s Shadowshot: Deadfall Super could be buffed to supply Guardians with refreshing overshields within the Shadowshot’s Anchor’s radius.

The other potential solution could involve Bungie dreaming up another Super for each class that has team-wide defensive utility. Like a new Titan Super that spawns a slew of powerful Stasis barricades you can shoot through. Another fun example could be a new Hunter super that gives a Fireteam-wide buff making everyone constantly invisible unless they are shooting but recharges an overshield while invisible.

While Bungie is already adding three new Supers with the Final Shape expansion, they are sadly not very defensive oriented and will likely still play second fiddle to Well of Radiance’s dominance.

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Ali Taha

Whether its new releases, or a new Destiny 2 season, Ali will flex his gaming and freelancer skills to cover them extensively. He started off writing features for Game Rant but found a better home here on Twinfinite. While Ali waits for the next Monster Hunter title, he enjoys publishing his progression fantasy novels as an indie author.

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