Void weapons in Destiny 2 have been highly potent for several Seasons now. But with the arrival of Season of the Witch, along with some nerfs and buffs, there’s been a change in the hierarchy amongst Void weapons. So today, we’re breaking down the top 10 Void weapons in Destiny 2 as of October of 2023.

10. Word of Crota

Destiny 2 Crota's End Hand Cannon
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

Kicking off the list is the re-introduction of one of the oldest Hand Cannons in the franchise, the Word of Crota from the Crota’s End Raid.

Now becoming a 140 RPM Hand Cannon with new and updated perks, this gun is amazing for both PvE and PvP. For PvE, Repulsor Brace and Destabilizing Rounds will be the best option. Repulsor Brace grants an Overshield to the user when defeating a Void-debuffed enemy, and Destabilizing Rounds makes nearby enemies debuffed/volatile when defeating a target. The combo quite literally pairs perfectly, and is an ideal fit for virtually all Void builds.

In PvP, Rangefinder and Frenzy can make for a nasty combo. Rangefinder gives a flat boost in range when you aim-down-sight with the gun, while Frenzy grants a bonus to range, damage, and reload speed when you are in combat. Under the right conditions, you can potentially two-tap opposing Guardians.

Overall, it’s a fantastic upgrade and re-introduction for this weapon, and it should remain viable for a long time yet.

9. Harsh Language

Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

Waveframe Grenade Launchers have been the dominant special weapon for the past year, and the latest Void Waveframe, Harsh Language, is no exception.

Simply put, this weapon is fantastic for Void ad-clear builds, as it can roll with powerful perks like Threat Detector and Destabilizing Rounds that excel in that field. Threat Detector increases the gun’s reload speed, stability, and handling when multiple enemies are nearby, while Destabilizing Rounds will make nearby enemies Volatile when you get a kill.

Making enemies Volatile is the heart and soul of most Void builds, and this weapon is a fantastic choice to use with them.

8. Leviathan’s Breath

Destiny 2 Exotic Void Bow
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

Arguably one of the worst Exotic weapons on release, Leviathan’s Breath has since been re-worked and buffed to the point where it’s eligible to be counted on this list.

With an increase in overall damage as well as an Exotic Catalyst which gives it extra reload speed, the Leviathan’s Breath has become a staple DPS monster in endgame content. However, where it truly shined the brightest was the recent reprisal of the Crota’s End Raid, where Guardians squared off against the first boss of the Raid, Ir Yut, The Deathsinger. This annoying Wizard is extremely mobile and very difficult to damage due to her moving around so much. But, when paired with the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle, the Leviathan’s Breath can easily make quick work of this boss.

Hopefully we’ll get more bosses where this weapon can take the spotlight once again.

7. The Other Half

Destiny 2 Void Sword
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

Arguably one the most well-known weapons in the franchise, The Other Half Sword from the 30th Anniversary swipes its way to the seventh spot on the list.

While this weapon is mainly used for transportation purposes thanks to the infamous Eager’s Edge perk — which gives the user a quick burst in speed when you swipe with the Sword for a brief moment — it does have other uses. It’s one of the few Swords in the game that can roll with Relentless Strikes and Whirlwind Blades, which are extremely potent right now thanks to the Crota’s End Raid.

Relentless Strikes grants Sword ammo back for landing three consecutive light attacks, while Whirlwind Blade increases the Sword’s damage for every light attack that connects with an enemy. Thus, in the case that you don’t have a good Sword to use against Crota, you can use The Other Half as a great secondary option.

6. Funnelweb

Destiny 2 Funnelweb Legendary SMG in game look
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

With the launch of the Witch Queen came the introduction of Light Subclass 3.0 changes, and Void was first on the list. Thus, Guardians desperately needed new Void weapons to keep up with their upgraded Void abilities. Of them, the Funnelweb quickly stood out as one of the better armaments.

We’ve had other Void SMGs since, but few of them packed a real punch like the Funnelweb does. With access to Frenzy, the weapon gains increased reload speed and damage when the user is in combat. Paired with the new Void abilities, this weapon has remained a potential must-run for virtually every activity in the game.

While it’s definitely not as potent as it was when it was first introduced, this gun is still extremely powerful in case you don’t have the next option on this list.

5. Unforgiven

Destiny 2 Void SMG
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

Season of the Haunted wasn’t well-received last year during the Witch Queen era, but there was a gem amongst the rubble; specifically, the Unforgiven SMG from the Duality Dungeon.

The Unforgiven had some steep competition, as there was already a powerful Void SMG players could use via the Funnelweb. However, what gives the Unforgiven the edge is the ability to be rolled with Demolitionist, which grants Grenade energy for every kill you get. Of course, this perk is extremely dominant, especially for Void Titans and Warlocks who can already throw a ton of Grenades with the right setups.

It also has access to Frenzy, giving it increased reload speed and damage when you are in combat, which is perfect for a close-range weapon like an SMG.

When all is said and done, the Unforgiven is one of the strongest Void primary weapons in the game — and will continue to be unless a new Void SMG takes its place.

4. Commemoration

Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt weapon
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

Re-vamped during Season of the Seraph, the Commemoration LMG has become a staple weapon for ad-clearing builds in Guardians’ loadouts.

Having become craftable with updated perks, this weapon went from being a solid LMG to a borderline must-run gun for all PvE activities. This is due to it gaining access to the Reconstruction and Killing Tally perks. Reconstruction automatically reloads and overflows the magazine from reserves when stowed, bringing the magazine size to a staggering 150 rounds. Killing Tally, meanwhile, grants a damage bonus that stacks up to five for every kill that you get.

Paired with Void Surges, this weapon will shred through waves of enemies with the greatest of ease, making it a fantastic Void heavy weapon to pair with virtually any build that’s meant for ad-clear.

3. Graviton Lance

Destiny 2 Exotic Pulse Rifle
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

One of the first Exotic weapons introduced in Destiny 2, the Graviton Lance Exotic Pulse Rifle saw some massive buffs with the release of the Lightfall DLC. Now, this weapon has become extremely dominant in both PvE and PvP activities.

For PvE, the gun received a massive 20% increase in damage, allowing it to more consistently defeat weaker enemies. It can then proc its Cosmology perk, defeating other enemies nearby. This weapon synergizes incredibly well with most Void builds, as more Void explosions from Cosmology can trigger numerous Fragment and Aspect abilities.

In PvP, its target acquisition was increased alongside its damage, allowing it to two-burst opposing Guardians more consistently and defeat nearby ones with the Cosmology perk.

Overall, the Graviton Lance received some of the most significant buffs for a gun in Destiny history, and it shows that with the proper adjustments Bungie can turn a gun from zero into a weapon that’s worth a hundred.

2. Retrofit Escapade

Destiny 2 Void LMG
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

LMGs are typically used for DPS against boss enemies outside of the Exotic Thunderlord. However, when Season of the Seraph arrived, we received a new Void LMG in the form of the Retrofit Escapade, which had access to the powerful Fourth Time’s The Charm and Target Lock perks.

Fourth Time’s The Charm returns ammo to the magazine when landing multiple precision shots, while Target Lock increases the gun’s damage the longer damage is sustained on a target. Essentially, when paired with Divinity for example, this weapon can delete bosses from the game simply by holding down the trigger.

This weapon is undeniably one of the strongest options in the game for DPS against bosses currently, and will remain as such until it receives a nerf in some shape or form.

1. Tractor Cannon

Destiny 2 Exotic Shotgun
Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

Claiming the number one spot on this list is the boop gun of all boop guns, the Tractor Cannon Exotic Shotgun.

With the nerf to Divinity and receiving a staggering buff in PvE — allowing it to debuff enemies by 35% per shot — this weapon has replaced Divinity as the “must-run” gun for virtually every high-end PvE activity in the game. Debuffing enemies has become the standard for all endgame PvE activities like Raids and Nightfalls, since it helps you defeat enemies much faster. As of right now, Tractor Cannon gives the highest form of debuff at 35%, allowing you to delete bosses and enemies faster than ever before.

On top of that, it also suppresses enemies, which is fantastic for Unstoppable Champions and the like.

However, where this weapon truly shines is the revamped Crota’s End Raid. With Tractor Cannon, you can debuff Crota for a short period of time, allowing you to deal more damage to him with the Hive Sword and make it so you only need two Swords instead of three to start the damage phase. This doesn’t even include the continued debuff for when you get to properly damage him, making Swords a viable option again.

Without a doubt, Tractor Cannon is the best of all the Void weapons in Destiny 2, and arguably the best PvE gun in the game currently. It’s likely it will retain its spot until The Final Shape DLC arrives.

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