The Destiny 2 Unveiled quest is one of the new missions that was added as part of the Season of the Witch. While Eris is busy trying to turn into a Hive god by murdering hordes of enemies, there are new Strand Aspects to grab back on the neon-soaked sands of Neomuna. Just like last season, there is a new Aspect for each of the Strand classes, changing up how they play.

Weavewalk is a Strand-based invulnerability state, Banner of War is kind-of a mini-rift focused around melee and sword damage, while Whirling Maelstrom makes Tangle explosions far deadlier. To get these, you’ll have to complete the Unveiled quest, so here’s what you need to do and where you need to go.

How to find Osiris’s data crawler

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