Dead by Daylight is adding Alien DLC to the game, developer Behaviour Interactive confirmed this week. The new Chapter was confirmed in a teaser trailer that showed off what appears to be a new Alien-themed map as well as the unmistakable Xenomorph. No release date for the Chapter was given yet, but Behaviour did say that we’ll be able to learn more about the DLC on August 8th whenever we presumably get the full trailer that confirms what all the Chapter will entail.

Our first look at the Alien DLC coming to Dead by Daylight was a brief one, though that’s to be expected given how these kinds of Chapters are typically rolled out. Now that the teaser is out, August 8th should give us a better look at the Xenomorph and the rest of the Chapter, though it may still be awhile before we get a detailed breakdown of what the Xenomorph will be able to do as a Killer.

Alien has long been one of the licensed horror franchises that has topped Dead by Daylight players’ wishlists in regards to which kinds of DLCs they want to see added to the game, so this reveal should be a welcome one for many. Earlier in the year, people thought that Behaviour and 20th Century Studios were gearing up for an Alien reveal to coincide with Alien Day as well as Dead by Daylight’s anniversary celebration that usually takes place during the summer. Those predictions were a bit off, but it looks like the Alien DLC was planned regardless even if it wasn’t at the time people expected.

Dead by Daylight Chapters typically release in a couple different forms with varying amounts of content, but the full package is always a Killer, a Survivor, and a new map. We’ve essentially got two of those confirmed from this teaser trailer — the Xenomorph will definitely be the Killer with its own unique power and set of perks, and given the focus on the environment in the trailer, we’re almost certainly getting a new map, too, which might be the Nostromo ship from the first Alien movie. Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley character from Alien would be the most obvious choice for a Survivor if we’re getting one of those characters with this DLC, though we hopefully won’t have to guess anymore come August 8th.

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