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Screenshot: Behaviour Interactive

For a small game, Dead by Daylight seems like the legs of a big triple-A production. The game over the years has been getting more expansive and scarier. Each season, a new killer or survivor seems to change the meta. The latest killer to join the Dead by Daylight roster is Chucky, and we’ll show you the best build including perks and skills.

Dead by Daylight: Best perks and skills for Chucky – Build guide

Chucky is very unique from the other killers in the game. He’s small and you can use him in the third person if you don’t know, most if not all killers only do first-person, whereas the survivors have third-person views. This build leans into that and helps use that perspective against the players trying to escape the nightmare. 

Perks for Chucky

Let’s start with his main perks, these things will activate and be much more helpful than your skills. 

  • Friends ‘Til The End: This causes Chucky to become Obsessed with one survivor. When you hook on a player that isn’t your Obsession, it marks the Obsessed character for you. However, if you manage to get the Obsessed player by hooking them, the Perk will mark another random character making it easier to hunt. 
  • Lethal Pursuer: When you begin the match or trial, all survivors will be shown to you. This is excellent during the start of the game and can give you the edge. With Chucky being small, it’ll be easier to find the first target. However, you have eight seconds to do so.
  • Trail of Torment: When you damage a generator, you become undetectable until it’s fixed. So you can hunt more easily with that. The catch is that you have to space this Perk out for a minute at a time. I’d recommend not using it until you have two or three survivors left. 
  • Nowhere to Hide: As you damage generators, you reveal the location of survivors in a 24-meter radius. This Perk plus Trial of Torement can work with each other. As you damage a generator, first, you can’t be detected, and then you get to see who is around you. Mix those things together, and you can hunt with efficiency.
Dead By Daylight Chucky Chasing A Survivour
Screenshot: Behaviour Interactive

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Add-ons for Chucky

Let’s take a look at a few add-ons that you can earn and use to make this build a little more deadly. 

  • Yardstick: Scampring (vaulting over pallets and through windows) reveals the location of survivors within 20 meters for around five seconds. However, you need to be in Hidey-Ho mode to activate. This is his basic ability that doesn’t leave any footsteps. This add-on like the rest of the build just makes it harder to hide. 
  • Running Shoes. After you Scamper, you get four percent more movement speed for three seconds. This with Yardstick can make things unfair for the survivors, and fun for you. So it’s worth getting at least Running Shoes when you can. 
Dead By Daylight Chucky Using Hidey Ho Mode To Hook A Survivour
Screenshot: Behaviour Interactive

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