Phantom Liberty brings a lot of new things to Cyberpunk 2077. From updated story content to improved gameplay mechanics, gamers have much to discover. With the introduction of new weapons, gear, and cyberware, the previous best builds in the game have also changed to reflect the impact of the latest additions. If you are looking for the best updated builds in Cyberpunk 77, this guide will show you a selection of tried and tested sets.

Top 10 Best Builds in Phantom Liberty

Bullet Time Ninja

  • Description: The Bullet Time Ninja build is all about agility and precision. It excels in high-speed combat scenarios, utilizing reflexes to their fullest. Armed with katana and melee weapons, this build can perform devastating attacks and lethal finishing moves.
  • Strengths: Exceptional melee damage, quick reflexes, and the ability to block gunfire with a katana. Lethal finishing moves add to the build’s power.
  • Weaknesses: Vulnerable to ranged attacks; limited long-range combat capabilities.
  • Recommended Cyberware, Weapons, and Gear: Reflex-enhancing cyberware, katanas, and melee weapons. Lightweight armor for mobility.

Hack & Slash Netrunner

  • Description: The Hack & Slash Netrunner build combines hacking prowess with deadly melee skills. It excels in both hacking enemies and decapitating them in close combat. With boosted RAM memory and recovery, it’s a formidable hybrid build.
  • Strengths: Efficient hacking abilities, rapid RAM regeneration, and the option for close combat or environmental manipulation.
  • Weaknesses: Limited ranged combat. Potential vulnerability during close combat encounters.
  • Recommended Cyberware, Weapons, and Gear: Cyberware enhancing RAM, monowire for melee, and quick hacks for hacking. Medium armor for protection.

Savage Slugger Solo

  • Description: The Savage Slugger Solo build takes a brute force approach, specializing in heavy melee weapons like the Hammer. It excels at overwhelming opponents with powerful melee strikes, crowd control, and lethal shotguns.
  • Strengths: Devastating melee damage, crowd control abilities, and the capacity to eliminate multiple foes with shotguns.
  • Weaknesses: Limited ranged combat options, lack of finesse in combat.
  • Recommended Cyberware, Weapons, and Gear: Gorilla Arms for melee, shotguns for ranged combat, and armor that enhances health and protection.

Phantom Blademaster

  • Description: The Phantom Blademaster build is a versatile melee specialist utilizing katana and mantis blades. It focuses on quick attacks, dodging, and precision strikes, making it a formidable melee fighter.
  • Strengths: High melee damage, agility, and evasion skills for dodging attacks.
  • Weaknesses: Vulnerable to ranged attacks, requires precision and timing.
  • Recommended Cyberware, Weapons, and Gear: Reflex-boosting cyberware, katanas, and mantis blades. Lightweight, agile armor.

Cyber Samurai

  • Description: The Cyber Samurai build is a master of traditional combat and cybernetic enhancements. It combines swordplay with firearm proficiency that enables players to engage enemies at various ranges effectively.
  • Strengths: Versatile combat capabilities, effective at melee and ranged combat, and adaptable in different situations.
  • Weaknesses: May need more extreme specialization of other builds.
  • Recommended Cyberware, Weapons, and Gear: Reflex-boosting cyberware, katanas, pistols, and medium armor.

Tech Assassin

  • Description: The Tech Assassin build is a stealthy and precise character specializing in silent takedowns, hacking, and long-range sniping. It excels in eliminating targets without being detected.
  • Strengths: Stealth, long-range sniping, hacking abilities, and silent takedowns.
  • Weaknesses: Limited effectiveness in direct combat scenarios.
  • Recommended Cyberware, Weapons, and Gear: Stealth-enhancing cyberware, sniper rifles, silenced weapons, and clothing that boosts stealth.

Stealthy Sniper

  • Description: The Stealthy Sniper build is the ultimate long-range specialist, capable of eliminating targets from a distance without being detected. It excels in precise shooting and evasion.
  • Strengths: Long-range sniping capabilities, evasion skills, and the ability to eliminate targets before they reach close quarters.
  • Weaknesses: Vulnerable in close combat situations, but less effective in hectic and close-quarters battles.
  • Recommended Cyberware, Weapons, and Gear: Recon-enhancing cyberware, sniper rifles, silenced weapons, and clothing that enhances evasion.

Cyber Berserker

  • Description: The Cyber Berserker build is a high-risk, high-reward playstyle that embraces cyberware enhancements for relentless melee combat. It focuses on extreme damage output and opponents with a single blow.
  • Strengths: Incredible melee damage, high aggression, and the ability to overpower enemies quickly.
  • Weaknesses: Vulnerability to ranged attacks, requires precise timing and positioning.
  • Recommended Cyberware, Weapons, and Gear: Gorilla Arms or cyberware that enhances melee damage, melee weapons, and heavy armor for durability.

Ricochet Gunslinger

  • Description: The Ricochet Gunslinger build is a unique and skillful approach to combat, utilizing ricochet shots to eliminate enemies. It combines precise aiming and gunplay skills for both close and ranged encounters.
  • Strengths: Unique combat style, versatility in handling ranged and close-quarters situations, and the ability to target enemies indirectly.
  • Weaknesses: Requires precise aiming and awareness of ricochet mechanics, limited melee combat proficiency.
  • Recommended Cyberware, Weapons, and Gear: Reflex-enhancing cyberware, guns with ricochet capabilities, and lightweight armor for mobility.

Nano Surgeon

  • Description: The Nano Surgeon build is a supportive and healing-focused character, providing essential aid to allies and ensuring their survival. It excels in healing abilities, enhancing cyberware, and supporting the team in combat.
  • Strengths: Exceptional healing capabilities, team support, and keeping allies in top condition during battles.
  • Weaknesses: Limited offensive combat skills, relies heavily on allies’ combat proficiency.
  • Recommended Cyberware, Weapons, and Gear: Healing-focused cyberware, nanowire for support abilities, and clothing that enhances healing and support stats.

What Build Should You Choose?

Your choice of build should depend on your playstyle. Refrain from what is meta if you do not like playing those sets. Ultimately, your build should depend on your preferences and what you will enjoy. 

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