Cyberpunk 2077 offers a lot of potential partners for V, and these characters have various preferences for their suitors. Romancing these people provides more immersion and a lot of interesting interactions. This guide will show you complete step-by-step instructions to court each potential partner in the game.

All Romance Options in Cyberpunk 2077 

Judy Alvarez Romance Guide

Judy is a braindance technician and activist dealing with the loss of her former lover, Evelyn Parker. She’s intelligent, compassionate, and fiercely independent, making her an ideal choice if you seek a complex, attractive partner with a compelling storyline.

Judy Alvarez Rewards 

  • Custom-made jacket.
  • Key to her apartment.
  • Choose to leave Night City with Judy or continue your relationship.

Romance Requirements 

  • Play as a female V with a female body type.
  • Complete “The Information” quest.

Romance Questlines 

Automatic Love 
  • Meet Judy during this main story quest.
  • Ensure you have a feminine voice and body type.
  • Call Judy whenever prompted to maintain the romance option.
The Space In Between 
  • Follows the Automatic Love quest.
  • Keep Judy involved in your quests and offer support.
  • Follow Judy’s instructions and avoid upsetting her.
  • Continues Judy’s storyline.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with Judy during this quest.
Double Life 
  • Another step in Judy’s storyline.
  • Keep Judy engaged and stay positive.
Both Sides Now 
  • Initiates a more personal questline with Judy.
  • When asked about dealing with a specific character, follow Judy’s preference.
  • During the Pisces quest, follow Judy’s instructions and draw your gun when prompted.
  • Ensure you follow Judy’s guidance during this quest.
  • Refuse Maiko’s plan or payment.
  • Make sure the gang bosses initiate the conflict.
Pyramid Song 
  • The final quest in Judy’s storyline.
  • Choose dialogue options with a “Touch” prefix for a romantic scene.
  • The following day, respond with “The beginning of something amazing” to initiate a longer-term relationship with Judy.

Panam Palmer Romance Guide

Panam, a Nomad leader, is known for her bravery, resourcefulness, and unwavering loyalty to her clan, struggling to protect them from the Arasaka Corporation. She’s a solid and attractive choice for someone who values independence, courage, and loyalty in a romantic partner.

Panam Palmer Rewards 

  • Customized Nomad Aldecaldo jacket.
  • Key to her Nomad camp.
  • Choose to leave Night City with Panam or continue your relationship.

Romance Requirements 

  • Play as a male V with a male body type.
  • Finish Ghost Town quest.

Romance Questlines 

Ghost Town
  • This is where you first meet Panam.
  • Advance through this quest to initiate your interaction with her.
Life During Wartime
  • Meet Panam at her camp in the Badlands.
  • Tell Panam that you’re willing to help her with her plan to retrieve her stolen car, the Basilisk.
  • Tell Panam that you’re here for her.
  • Help Panam defeat the Raffen gang that stole the Basilisk.
  • Return the Basilisk to Panam.
Riders on the Storm
  • Meet Panam at her camp in the Badlands.
  • Tell Panam that you’re in this with her all the way.
  • Tell Panam that you trust her.
  • Help Panam rescue her friend Saul from the Arasaka Corporation.
  • Infiltrate the Arasaka Arasaka Tower and rescue Saul.
  • Defeat the Arasaka guards and escape the tower with Panam and Saul.
Queen of the Highway
  • Meet Panam at her camp in the Badlands.
  • Help Panam test the Basilisk’s new weapons systems.
  • Defeat the Arasaka Basilisk and its escorts.
  • Complete the driving and shooting training sequences.
  • Choose the “Let Panam touch you” option.
  • Tell Panam that you’re proud of her.
Lightning Breaks
  • Meet Panam at her camp in the Badlands.
  • Tell Panam that you’ll be there for her, no matter what.
  • Help Panam rescue her captured clan members from Arasaka.
  • Infiltrate the Arasaka oil field and save the clan members.
  • Defeat the Arasaka guards and escape the oil field with Panam and the clan members.
  • Choose the “Kiss Panam” option.
Belly of the Beast
  • Meet Panam at her camp in the Badlands.
  • Tell Panam that you want to be with her.
  • Tell Panam that you’re not going anywhere.
  • Help Panam assault the Arasaka Arasaka Tower and rescue Saul.
  • Infiltrate the tower and defeat the Arasaka guards.
  • Rescue Saul from the Arasaka lab.
  • Escape the building with Panam and Saul.
No Five Missions
  • Meet Panam at her camp in the Badlands.
  • Tell Panam that you’re not going anywhere.
  • Tell Panam that you’ll fight for her.
  • Help Panam defend her base from the Arasaka attack.
  • Defeat the Arasaka Basilisk and its escorts.
  • Help Panam defeat the Arasaka forces and save her base.
Playing for Time
  • Meet Panam at her camp in the Badlands.
  • Tell Panam that you love her.
  • Tell Panam that you want to stay with her.
  • Help Panam prepare for the final assault on Arasaka.
  • Complete the Basilisk training sequence.

River Ward Romance Guide

As a Night City Police Department detective, River combines kindness, intelligence, and compassion, though he grapples with past trauma. If you’re looking for a romantic partner who is supportive, caring, and intelligent, River is an excellent option.

River Ward Rewards 

  • Police scanner.
  • Key to his office.
  • Choose to continue your relationship with River.

Romance Requirements 

  • Play as a female character with a female body type.
  • Reach the second Street Cred tier in either Westbrook (10 or higher), Heywood (13 or higher), or City Center (9 or higher).
  • Complete the “Life During Wartime” primary mission.

Romance Questlines 

Meeting River Ward 
  • River Ward is not automatically encountered during the main storyline.
  • First, you must complete the “Life During Wartime” primary mission.
Unlocking “I Fought the Law” Side Mission 
  • Reach the required Street Cred level in one of the specified districts.
  • After reaching the required Street Cred and completing “Life During Wartime,” you’ll unlock the “I Fought the Law” side mission.
  • After completing “I Fought the Law,” wait for 24 in-game hours.
  • River will call you to start his short story arc, which can lead to a romance.
The Hunt 
  • Meet River at the designated “The Hunt” side quest spot after 7 p.m.
  • Throughout this quest, be supportive of River whenever possible.
  • When given the option, flirt with him and express interest in a relationship.
Braindance Clues 
  • During the braindance section of “The Hunt,” locate two ‘critical’ clues.
  • The first is a solar panel at 00 27 in the room next to the one with the computer.
  • The second is the farm model number on the wall between two gates at 01:00.
Choosing the Correct Farm 
  • If River asks where to go after the braindance section, select “Edgewood farm.” Choosing a suitable farm will succeed in the mission and potential romance.
Exploring Randy’s Trailer 
  • Once you reach your destination, explore Randy’s trailer with River.
  • Support River and wait to leave the farm before helping him.
River’s Revenge 
  • When River considers seeking revenge, choose either “Don’t do it, River” or “We both will.” Do not let him handle it alone.
Following the River 
  • After completing “The Hunt,” wait 24 more in-game hours to receive River’s final quest, “Following the River.”
  • Accept his invitation and proceed with the quest.
  • When you’re together on top of the water tower, kiss him when given the option.
  • Choose dialogue options that express your interest in him.
  • Select “I feel good around you” in the morning to secure a romantic relationship. Choosing the other option will keep you as friends without further romance.

Kerry Eurodyne Romance Guide

Kerry, a former rockstar and band leader, exudes charisma, charm, and a deep passion for music despite battling past addiction. If you desire a romantic partner who is fun-loving, exciting, and supportive, Kerry’s magnetic personality and talent make him a great choice.

Kerry Eurodyne Rewards 

  • Guitar.
  • Key to his apartment.
  • Choose to continue your relationship with Kerry in Night City.

Romance Requirements 

  • Play as a male character with a masculine voice and body type.
  • Complete the “Chippin’ In” quest.

Romance Questlines

Complete Rogue’s Side Quests
  • Progress through Rogue’s side questline, including “Chippin’ In” and “Blistering Love.”
Side Job Holdin’ On
  • During or after Rogue’s quests, you’ll encounter the “Holdin’ On” side job.
  • Allow Johnny to take over during this quest, and let him and Kerry reunite.
  • Kerry will propose reuniting their band, Samurai, leading to the next search.
Side Job Second Conflict
  • The “Second Conflict” outcome depends on choices made during “The Pickup” quest in Act 1.
  • If you saved Brick in “The Pickup,” enter peacefully through the front door, talk to Brick, and leave with Nancy.
  • If you don’t keep Brick, you must rescue Nancy by force.
A Like Supreme
  • In “A Like Supreme,” choose to play with either Denny or Henry. The choice doesn’t affect the romance.
Rebel Rebel 
  • After “A Like Supreme,” wait for at least 24 in-game hours, and Kerry will call you to start “Rebel Rebel.”
  • Your choices in this quest won’t significantly impact the romance.
I Don’t Wanna Hear It 
  • After “Rebel Rebel,” continue waiting or skip time in 24-hour increments and respond to Kerry’s text messages.
  • Eventually, you’ll receive a call that initiates “I Don’t Wanna Hear It.”
  • Infiltrate a concert venue in various ways.
Off The Leash
  • “Off The Leash” is a crucial mission.
  • When Kerry opens up to you, choose the dialogue option “You can tell me.”
  • When given the opportunity, kiss Kerry to advance the romance.
Boat Drinks
  • Wait until after “Off The Leash” to trigger “Boat Drinks.”
  • During this quest, kiss Kerry when given the opportunity.
  • After washing up on the beach, choose to hug Kerry to solidify the relationship.

Side Romances

Aside from the four main romances, there are two side flings that you can encounter if you are in the right place at the right time. These encounters are short-lived interactions that will only progress into something serious. Here are some of the Side Romances that you can achieve in Cyberpunk 2077:

Meredith Stout

Romance Requirements

  • Any gender for V
  • Progress through the main storyline until you reach the mission “The Pickup.”


The Pickup (Main Mission – V storyline) 
  • As you progress through the main story, you’ll pick up the mission “The Pickup.”
  • Meredith Stout will arrange a meet-up. Accept her invitation and go to the location.
  • Meredith will intimidate you initially, but eventually, she’ll offer you a bio-chip with a virus.
  • Accept the chip and proceed to the Maelstrom Hideout.
  • During the deal sequence, follow these dialogue choices  
  • [Sit] [calm Jackie]
  • “Jackie, sit down.”
  • “I’ll pass.”
  • “Show it to me.”
  • “We’ll take it.”
  • “Really expect me to pay twice?”
  • “Prepared to offer us a discount?”
  • [Takedown Royce] [Shoot Royce]
  • After exiting the hideout, Meredith will arrive in a car if you follow the correct choices.
  • Approach Meredith and talk to her.
  • After completing the mission, Meredith will message V, “Same, was starting to like you” and “I’ll be there.”
  • Later, meet with her at the No-Tell Motel, and you can ask, “So what now?”
  • The romance scene will follow.

Rogue Amendiares

Romance Requirements 

  • Any gender for V
  • Progress to Act 2.


Complete Johnny Silverhand’s Side Quests
  • Ensure you complete Johnny Silverhand’s side quests, essential for romancing Rogue.
  • The pursuit that matters most is “CHIPPIN’ IN.”
  • Play through the “CHIPPIN’ IN” side quest.
  • Acquire Johnny’s jacket, gun, and Porsche car during this quest.
  • Continue until you reach the oil fields section of the quest.
  • In the oil fields, you’ll have the opportunity to call Rogue.
  • Call Rogue and inform her that Johnny Silverhand wants to go on a date with her.
Arrange the Date
  • Rogue will agree to the date and suggest Silver Pixel Cloud in North Oak.
  • Head to the Afterlife Club to pick up Rogue for the date.
  • She’ll message you, indicating she needs to attend to some business first.
  • Reply with, “Ok, this evening then – Afterlife, I’ll be there.”
Blistering Love
  • Once you confirm the evening date, the “Blistering Love” side mission becomes available.
  • Use Johnny Silverhand’s Porsche to pick up Rogue at the Afterlife Club.
  • Upon arrival, choose the “I’m just the driver” option.
  • Drive her to the drive-in movie theater at Silver Pixel Cloud in North Oak.
  • At the drive-in theater, activate the power and turn on the projector. These tasks are straightforward.
  • To progress the date, ingest the provided pills and let Johnny Silverhand take control. You’ll play as Johnny but can still influence the romance.
  • During the movie with Rogue, make the following dialogue choices. 
  • “Oh, so that’s how you do it.”
  • “This how you imagined this evening going?”
  • “I like the Rogue of 2077.”
  • “Do anything not to lose you.”
  • “[Kiss] More than I expected.”
  • After selecting “[Kiss] More than I expected,” a love scene unfolds between V and Rogue in Johnny’s car.

Are There Any Potential Romances in Phantom Liberty?

Unfortunately, the new DLC does not introduce any new options for romance. You can still interact with most characters but can’t enter into a serious romantic relationship with them. The devs may add future partners, but we must wait for further announcements. 

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