Developer InGame Studios has announced that the third major update for co-op shooter Crime Boss: Rockay City has been released. The update, available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, also has a trailer showing off what players can expect. Check it out below.

The update brings quite a few major features to Crime Boss: Rockay City, including new scenarios and environments, like the Gas Station, Car Dealer, and Truck Convoy missions. These new locations will appear in the game’s campaign, as well as its Crime Time mode.

The progression system for individual characters has also seen some changes in the update, allowing progression to persist through campaign runs for characters. A character dying in their character mission will now no longer reset the plotline. Instead, it resumes in the next campaign run after the last successful character mission. Plotline resets will now only happen if a character dies in a regular mission rather than their character mission.

Crime Boss: Rockay City is also getting quite a bit of rebalancing, as well as improvements to its stealth gameplay. Players will be able to make use of stronger stealth takedowns, and enemies are now perceptive and reactive to the actions of players sneaking around. Balancing changes include changes to the campaign economy, and how silencers work.

Further details about the update, which now includes the ability to kick or mute players, or even examine their profiles in multiplayer, as well as a new way to play the game by shuffling the game’s mission chains around, can be checked out in the patch notes below.

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