Lies of P has many minibosses players will encounter as they explore the city of Krat. Some are optional , while they are not supposed to be as challenging as major bosses, some minor elites are a pain to deal with. One of the most notorious and annoying of theseis the Walker of Illusions. This guide will help you figure out how to beat it. 

The Walker of Illusions 

The Walker of Illusions is a mysterious entity in Lies of P. This enigma takes the form of any random person and can be encountered by players in the Collapsing Krat zone. This miniboss is considered one of the most annoying foes to face because of his kit.  

The Walker’s origins are unknown, but players have speculated on it. Some say it is one of Geppetto’s creations due to being found in a workshop. Another popular theory is that Walker manifests P’s desires and insecurities. The boss plays on the game’s themes of finding your identity and growth.  

The Walker of Illusions is challenging because he is a fast-moving target with many quick attacks. The worst part about this fight is that they occurs in a close, confined space, which makes dodging even harder. The boss also has an improved targeting system that tracks players’ movements accurately. The Walker can also create duplicates of itself, making the fight even more complicated.  

How Do You Find the Walker of Illusions 

To locate the Walker of Illusions in Lies of P, head to the Collapsing Krat zone in the city’s northeastern section. Gain access to this zone through the Collapsing Krat Gate. Upon reaching the Collapsing Krat zone, ascend a towering structure at its center. Look for a distinctive blue beacon of light to identify this tower. Scale the tower by utilizizing the ladders and platforms on its exterior. Exercise caution as numerous adversaries patrol the area. You’ll encounter the formidable Walker of Illusions at the tower’s summit.

Walker of Illusions Reward 

Aside from being a required miniboss fight, defeating the Walker of Illusions grants other rewards as well. These items are some of the best items in the game, especially against specific enemies. Here are the loots for beating the Walker of Illusions:

  • Legion Caliber Sword: A melee weapon infused with fire capabilities. It is ideal for players seeking to inflict burn damage, particularly against foes vulnerable to fire attacks. 
  • Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant: An uncommon material used to craft strong weapons and armor. Players can use the Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant to enhance their equipment and combat effectiveness. 

Walker of Illusions Fight Guide 

Best Equipment for Fighting the Walker of Illusion 

There are specific items that players should consider using against the Walker of Illusions,using the appropriate gear can help make the fight more beatable. Here are the suggested sets for this encounter:


  • Puppet String: This sword has the unique “Illusion Piercer” ability to damage the Walker of Illusions’ illusions. This proves invaluable since the boss can manifest up to three phantoms simultaneously. 
  • Flame Grindstone: Utilize this item to empower your weapon with a burn to deal additional damage to the Walker of Illusions, who is particularly susceptible to fire. 


  • Blue Guardianship Amulet: This increases resistance against the Walker of Illusions’ attacks, mitigating its considerable damage output. 
  • Patience Amulet: Equipping this amulet enables self-healing, which is vital when contending with the Walker of Illusions’ potent assaults. 


  • Patience Wishstone: This item is mainly for restoration, which is helpful for a close-space fight. 
  • Aegis Legion Arm: The Legion Arm’s defense is excellent against the Walker of Illusions’ attacks, which is crucial for surviving its relentless aggression. 
  • Legion Magazines: These magazines improve the recharge of the Aegis Legion Arm. 


  • Firebombs: These incendiary projectiles not only deal direct damage but also apply a burn effect, which the boss is weak to. 
  • Ice Bombs: Ice bombs impede the Walker of Illusions’ movements, which allows you to land more attacks. 
  • Explosive Bombs: This bomb can substantially damage the Walker of Illusions.
  • Smoke Bombs: Create a smokescreen to obscure the Walker of Illusions’ vision, allowing you to heal or reposition strategically during the encounter. 

Walker of Illusion’s Weaknesses 

Exploiting the Walker of Illusions’ Weakness to Fire Damage: The Walker of Illusions is susceptible to fire damage. Using weapons and abilities with fire-based attributes allows players to inflict more damage on the boss. Players can make use of powers like Fireball and Flamethrower. They can also apply the Flame Grindstone to their weapon to maximize the effect, causing it to deal ongoing fire damage to the Walker of Illusions. 

Exploiting the Walker of Illusions’ Weakness to Stun: Certain attacks can stun the Walker of Illusions to render it temporarily defenseless. Players can seize this opportunity to land uninterrupted hits. Utilizing the Seven Coil Spring or the Aegis Legion Arm can deliver stunning blows. Abilities like Heavy Blow and Backstab can also stagger the Walker of Illusions effectively. Once stunned, players can capitalize on this opening to inflict significant damage while minimizing the risk of counterattacks. 

Attack Patterns 

Phase 1

  • Sword Slash: The Walker of Illusion rapidly raises its sword and slashes, delivering quick, significant damage. Players need to be swift in dodging or blocking to avoid taking hits. 
  • Spear Thrust: It lunges forward with its spear, offering more reach but executing more slowly than the sword slash. Players must anticipate the thrust and react accordingly to evade damage. 
  • Spin Attack: Spinning wildly with an extended sword creates a wide-reaching, damaging effect. Players should maintain distance or find a precise time for dodging to escape unscathed. 
  • Uppercut: The Walker of Illusion leaps into the air and slams its sword down on the ground, potentially dealing heavy damage and stunning players. This attack has a noticeable delay, allowing players to effectively time their dodges or blocks. 
  • Illusion Attack: By swirling its hand, it conjures up to three weaker illusions of itself. These illusions will attack players but are less dangerous than the real Walker of Illusion. Players should focus on identifying the genuine threat amidst the illusions while managing the incoming attacks. 

Phase 2

  • Illusion Barrage: The boss surrounds itself with duplicates, making the battle more intricate as it deploys a mix of the attacks from Phase 1 and its illusions. Players must be vigilant in discerning the primary target and reacting to the multifaceted threats. 
  • Teleportation: The Walker of Illusion swiftly warps around the arena, making it challenging to predict its next move. Players must observe the boss’s movements closely and be ready to dodge or block unpredictable assaults. 

Cheese Strategy 

If you are desperate to clear Walker of Illusion, there is one cheese strategy you can do. However, this will take away the enjoyment of the fight, and it takes time to execute. Here is the cheese strategy for fighting the Walker: 

Player Requirements: 

  • Recharge Amulet 
  • Flame Grindstone (optional) 
  • Throwables (preferably fire and acid) 

Step-by-Step Strategy: 

  • Ascend the tower via the ladder to reach the Walker of Illusion’s location. 
  • Optionally, apply the Flame Grindstone to your weapon. 
  • Initiate an attack on the Walker of Illusion once. 
  • Descend the ladder carefully, or allow yourself to fall. 
  • Employ the Recharge Amulet to restore your health entirely. 
  • Return to the ladder, ascending once more. 
  • Repeat steps 3 to 6 iteratively until the Walker of Illusion is vanquished. 

Tips for the Cheese Strat: 

  • If you possess throwables, employ them to damage the Walker of Illusion from a distance, which can be advantageous if you face challenges when approaching it or aim to evade its assaults. 
  • Exercise patience and proceed methodically. While this tactic may consume some time, it offers a secure approach to defeating the Walker of Illusion without exposing yourself to undue peril. 
  • Consider utilizing the Black Cat Amulet to mitigate fall damage and the Auto Discharge Recovery Quartz Talent to incrementally recharge your Pulse Cell when depleted. 
  • Should you possess Quartz Talents that diminish natural HP recovery, be mindful that they will also curtail the Walker of Illusion’s ability to regain health when out of combat. 
  • If you exit the combat area, the Walker of Illusion will reset its position and aggression. However, the damage done to the HP will not regenerate, so don’t panic if it de-aggro.  
  • The Stargazer shortcut allows you to rest and recuperate without resetting the Walker of Illusion’s health status. 

General Strategies for Fighting the Walker of Illusion 

Phase 1 

The Walker of Illusions has high mobility and creates replicas. The confined room where the battle unfolds leaves players with no room to escape, and the Walker of Illusions excels at closing the distance between itself and its targets. It has disruptive attacks that can hinder your ability to dodge effectively, so make sure to look out for signs that it will try to stagger you. 

Close-quarters combat is the most effective strategy against the Walker of Illusions. Engage it at point-blank range so that its mobility and dashes are mitigated. However, you should still be careful because it will try to grab you. 

The Walker of Illusions’ main attack during Phase 1 is a Fury Attack, often following a five-to-six-hit combo. This unblockable forward lunge can break your defenses, but sidestepping is the best counter. 

Phase 2 

Upon reaching half its health, the Walker of Illusions transitions into its second phase. In this stage, the boss retreats briefly, performs an aerial maneuver, and summons duplicates. The original Walker of Illusions retains its health bar, while the copy displays a separate health indicator above its head. 

While the duplicate wields considerable offensive power, it lacks durability. Prioritize taking down the original Walker while closely shadowing its movements. This will allow you to execute well-timed attacks that can strike both Targets.

The duplicate should be dealt with methodically. Focus your efforts on diminishing its health but take your time chasing them down. Practice hit-and-run tactics while ensuring the Walker of Illusions remains in your immediate vicinity. 

In every phase, remember that your advantageous position is near the Walker of Illusions, limiting its mobility and favoring your chances of victory. Monitor your HP bar, as the fast-paced battle can distract you from healing. Following these strategies can help you defeat the Walker of Illusions once and for all.

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