Looking for a short and sweet summary of what’s new in the latest Clover Retribution update? Read on to find out about the freshest in-game content! I’ll make sure to update this guide as and when new content is announced and released.

Clover Retribution is a Roblox game that is largely based on the Black Clover anime and manga series. Unlock your own grimoire, utilise a range of magical powers, and find yourself immersed in the inspired world. There are tons of spells and skills to obtain, alongside stylish face markings, armor, and weapons. Plus, certain traits play a big part in your overall character-building progression. Work through each quest and defeat elite and mini-bosses as you explore – or maybe you’ll battle it out in one of the dungeons!

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Clover Retribution Update Guide

Well, well, well, it’s that time again. New content has been added to Clover Retribution, but how do you keep on top of it all? Luckily for you, I’ve made a handy list below that covers everything.

New Playable Class

Yes, there’s a brand-new class and a pretty good one at that. Meet the Spear class, a feisty and nimble bunch that isn’t afraid to go straight into battle. This class can be unlocked by speaking to the Spear Master in the Capital City Castle. However, your character will need to have a sufficient amount of Determination and Loyalty!

New Race: Dreadscale

Hopefully, you’ve got some spare rolls left over so you can try to obtain the new Dreadscale race!

Max Level Increased Alongside New Story Quests

Firstly, let’s touch on the max level cap being increased – it’s pretty big news. The current level cap is now 150, allowing all active players to carry on with the EXP grind! Additionally, there are new quests to work through for the overall main storyline.

These quests reward you with a nice amount of EXP, so you’ll soon be rocketing through the levels. As this update is only Part 1, you can expect to see even more quests added to Clover Retribution once Part 2 has been released.

New Area: Tundra

Looking for somewhere new to explore in Clover Retribution? You’re in luck. Tundra has now been added to the game! It’s a frosty environment, so make sure to wrap up with suitable gear to avoid the Frostbite debuff – this deals damage over time. However, if your character is Lynthari, you’ll be fine!

New locations mean new items, so what can you forge at the Blacksmith? There’s a great selection of weapons, as well as protective gear that keeps you safe from the harsh icy environment. Plus, expect to come fact to face with Yetti’s – they also drop Yetti Fur for crafting, a Yetti Horn Sword, and a Yetti Horn Spear to use in battle!

New Dungeon… In Fact, it’s the First One

One of the most anticipated parts of this Clover Retributions update is Dungeon 1. This challenge takes place in the Capital City and will see you fending off hordes of enemies before reaching the terrifyingly strong boss. It wouldn’t be a dungeon without loot, so the devs have added brand-new armor and weapon drops!

Your character needs to be at least level 90 before heading into Dungeon 1, meaning you can’t even unlock it until you reach this prerequisite milestone.

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