Cities: Skylines II has just released a new episode of its regularly scheduled Feature Highlights, this time focusing on Citizen Simulation and Lifepath gameplay. Today’s new trailer focuses on a variety of the citizens’ behavior, life stages, and more.

Cities: Skylines II will release on October 24th, 2023, for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. You can watch today’s new gameplay trailer on the official Cities: Skylines YouTube channel:

The original Cities: Skylines was always a high bar for the genre, and its sequel does plan on introducing some exciting, detailed new mechanics that will make your city feel more realistic. This includes many quality-of-life features, Economy and Production, the vastness of its Map and Tiles, and more.

However, aside from Cities: Skylines II’s broad city-building management, perhaps its most promising aspect is the way it breathes life into the population itself, as seen in the City Services trailer. Today’s trailer reinforces that consequences and decisions could feel quite personal.

Citizens will have a detailed Lifepath, which will include all of their major events, from birth and a big move to promotions and marriage. Citizens will have four different Life Stages, and a Lifepath Journal that players can follow and review to help manage them.

Chirper is also returning, which could cheer up anyone who was missing a certain blue bird for their socials. It has a new feature that allows citizens to alert players about positive or negative city conditions.

So, the population isn’t just something you must constantly support. You can also rely on them for help, ensuring you don’t forget something crucial. Nearly every Feature Highlight has reiterated how each aspect of city building directly affects the people, resulting in crime, death, and illness.

But even though the citizens are clearly more delicate in the new sequel, giving them a voice and detailed personalities also creates a closer relationship between players and their city. Happiness and triumphs are sure to feel more satisfying.

You can read more about the latest updates for Cities: Skylines II and developer Colossal Order by following the rest of our news section.

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